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Sep 9, 2001 02:39 PM

Bauer's Sunday review of Roux

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He liked it. Is he right?

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  1. What I thought was notable about that review was all the gushing about the owners, how wonderful they were, etc.

    It sounded more like a puff piece than a serious review. I seem to remember being struck that way by another recent review in the Chron. I hope that isn't another trend by the new Chron/Hearst management.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      They actually are a really nice couple. (I agree that Bauer took it a degree over the top. "They'll have beautiful children?" Whatever!)

      Vincent is extremely driven and hopes to be the best new chef of 2002 plus the new "affordable" French Laundry. His food seems right in the mark, but . . .

      In this industry right now, just keeping food costs in check on a menu with minimal perishables is a trick with the up's & down's in business flow. Even in Napa Valley, folks are watching their wallet more than ever.

      I hope, especially with Bauer's help, that things work out. It is pretty, and very new and they are fortunate to know alot of the locals here.

      I hope to hear good news posted by some hounds soon.

      PS. No, I have not eaten there. I can't justify the cost. I save that kind of $$$$ for more of an adventure. . .a day in SF, sort-of-thing.

      1. re: Lucy Gore

        I wish them the best. I certainly don't hold Bauer's gushing against them. I'd just rather that if he liked the place, he gushed about things instrinsic to the dining experience, not the looks of the chef.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I totally agree with you, Ruth.

          Bauer goes into his own little tangents that leave us wondering what the *ell he's trying to accomplish.

          It would've done Roux alot more justice just hearing about Vincent's capabilities as a chef/owner verses hearing about his looks, her looks, yadda, yadda. Celeb. chef hood is way out of control but maybe that's part of this whole trip. We'll find out!

    2. b
      Brandon Nelson


      Missed the review. Did they kiss his ring and feed him ahi?