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Sep 9, 2001 10:35 AM


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Two very dear friends recently celebrated their anniversary at Aqua, and spent a small fortune. Any chowhound opinons on this restaurant? Is it worth dipping into your retirement funds to dine there?

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  1. Go to the Chowhound homepage and type in a search for Aqua - you'll find plenty of posts from the SF board.

    1. My wife and I ate at Aqua two months ago. It was a business meeting, and fortunately (for my wallet) the other folks paid the bill.

      Everything about the meal was truly excellent: food, presentation, service and general ambiance, none of which suffered from arriving on a Monday night. My wife, who does not eat fish, was served a filet of beef that was equally fine. The other 3 folks in our party all agreed with my assessment.

      To summarize my experience: If I could afford to spend that kind of money on a meal, I would not have felt ripped off.

      1. Aqua is one of the most consistently excellent restaurants in San Francisco. I've been there only twice, but my wife has been several more times on business since she works nearby, and she's never disappointed. It's not a "fad" restaurant that's hot one year and then loses it.

        1. I had the five-course tasting menu in March, and each presentation was exquisite. I don't think the price was outrageous for the qulaity or experience.

          1. I will never forget my first meal at Aqua. The five or six people who waited on us throughout the evening were perfect. The food not only looked like art, but tasted as exquisite. One of the dishes was a lobster, that was taken out of the shell whole!
            It fooled you sitting on the plate, you would have never guessed it was outside of the shell. Wrapped in it's tail were spears of asparagus. Just beautiful. I did visit the Aqua in Las Vegas as well. It too was tasty but the wine list was outrageous. Maybe this is a place to bring your own bottle.