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Sep 9, 2001 02:41 AM

great tacos

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Down here Santa Cruz way, we have a number of tasty taquerias, but I think the best taco is 20 miles north of town on Hwy 1. La Cabana in Davenport serves up a dozen or so different options, and each one I've tried is outstanding. the al pastor seems to be coated with Achiote Condimento and the nopales (though canned), are delicious. The burritos don't seem as inviting (too much filler, not enough goodies) and the main dishes are a bit of a let down. The name of the game here is tacos. Check it out next time you're coming down the coast.

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  1. A most wonderful carnitas taco can be had if you are ever traveling through the valley. Check out El Rosal, in Visalia. Their tacos were written up in Sunset magazine, for a reason.