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Sep 9, 2001 01:47 AM

Filipino confections

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(follow-up on a conversation with Pia)

At a Filipino bakery today I bought something called Pitche Pitche Penipig -- rectangular slices of somewhat glutenous/gelatinous (a word that completely escaped me earlier) substance, instensely purple, topped with toasted coconut. The ingredients are penipig, sweet rice, coconut milk, milk and sugar.

Unfortunately I didn't get to try it; however, my dog (who stole it out of the bag but left the other stuff) really seemed to enjoy it.

Any idea as to what "penipig" is? I'm assuming it's some sort of taro-like root.

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  1. Hi, Ruth!
    Pinipig is actually rice that was pounded flat while still raw and very fresh, and therefore softer than the rice we normally cook. When fried or toasted, it becomes puffed and crisp--like rice crispies.

    Like most South East Asian desserts or snacks, the one your dog enjoyed was probably rather heavy and glutinous. I hope you get another chance to try a good version without help from your dog.

    By the way, you missed some pretty good ice cream tonight.

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      Oh man, the gelato was great! Thank you, Limster. I had a sample of the durian gelato which was actually pretty good, more intense than most. I was impressed when Mark B and Louise tried it too. (g) I ended up with a scoop of lychee and one of mango. I like the mango at Mitchell's better, but the Marco Polo lychee was out of this world.