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Sep 8, 2001 11:15 PM

looking for pupusas - east bay

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Hi. I'm new to the site but have scrolled and searched and haven't found much info on pupusas.

In SF I frequently frequent El Zocalo (Mission near the Valencia merge) where I love mostly everything (especially plantanos con crema, salvadorean tamales, soup, grilled fish, and of course pupusas).

I've moved to Berkeley (solano/san pablo area) and am looking for tips on pupusa stops. Any info appreciated.


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  1. Go along San Pablo Ave. to Richmond....there are a string of places to get pupusas....the East Bay Express reviewed a couple of them on July 18-24, 2001 edition. Taquerian La Bamba is just past Barrett where highway 80 goes over San Pablo Ave. and has been there for a long time (11 years). They serve Mexican and Salvadoran food but I'd stick to the Salvadoran items. Taqueria & Restaurant Familiar is just a block or so North on San Pablo Ave. It's roomier and somewhat more pleasant to dine in (but by no means fancy)...I like the soft, creamy masa in the tamales and they're only $1.50 or something like that. The al pastor filling is quite tasty...(Also at La Bamba) It shows off well in a soft taco. Top it off with a horchata and you're set. These two places have an almost identical menu. Then there is a third place even further north on San Pablo Ave & McBryde that I have yet to try yet. These are low key places that serve honest food at good prices...I haven't tried too many other Salvadoran places but I'm glad these are in my neighborhood.

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      Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

      Wow, good tips, never tried any of these places, but now I will.

      If you're out by Cal State Hayward, there's a good sit-down pupuseria right down below on Mission. Don't know the address, but it's across the street from the new car dealers. Just look for the sign that says "PUPUSERIA"

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        Many thanks for the detailed Pupusa tips!!! I've been pining away with no idea how close I am to the treats I love!

        My real dream is to take a pupusa tour of El Salvador...maybe one day.