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Sep 8, 2001 08:45 PM

Sourleaf vegetable

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I've become a big fan of an odd vegetable i found at the farmers' market. Everyone there calls it Sourleaf. It is a green leafy vegetable that grows on long woody reddish stalks. The leaf has three lobes. I saute it quickly, as I do spinach, though the vendors say to boil it.
The cooked leaf has a sweet and sour taste. The closest thing I can compare it to is a beet top in the spring or maybe a grapeleaf.
Does anyone know anything more about it?

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  1. hmmm... is it like rhubarb? that's what it sounds like to me. if it is, I believe you need to boil the leaves as there ar toxins in them. Then you can saute them

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    1. re: belgepunk

      nope, it's not rhubarb. That has a single leaf on the end of a fleshy stalk.

      rhubarb is a pretty familiar vegetable in any backyard garden. (and rhubarb doesn't have to be boiled to get rid of any toxins. You can eat the stalk raw. Just don't eat the leaves.)

      1. re: damon

        Damon, Could it have been sorrel? I know it's sour, but can't remember what it looks like. There was a "weed" I used to eat in Florida when I was a kid that had a reddish sort of striated stalk; the stalk was good and sour to chew on. But I can't remember if it had leaves. How's this for a useless post?! pat

        1. re: pat hammond


          sorrel is a rather smallish leaf that's actually quite tender, about 5" generally, and yes, it is pretty sour although it makes an incredible soup.

          nice to see you around!