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Jun 8, 2005 03:44 PM

Rehearsal dinner this fall near Billy Goat Trail

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We're going to be near the Billy Goat Trail in Potomac this Sept. on a Friday and need some recs for a rehearsal dinner. We don't want to go too far. Just up the road from Old Anglers or whatever that is, but have only heard bad things about it (too bad -would've been perfect).

Thinking BlackSalt. A bit unfamiliar in general with the area, but pretty certain that a trek into Bethesda is too much hassle. So thinking the MacArther Blvd area.


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  1. Wish I could be more positive, but there are no good restaurants near the BGT. Yes, I hate Old Angler's. Irish Inn at Glen Echo is mediocre at high price. All the Potomac restaurants are either mediocre at high price or just plain bad at any price.

    Blacksalt is probably your best bet, though it takes a surprisingly long time to travel down Macarthur Blvd to get there. [btw, DC Police have two photo radar units on Mac, one near the DC-MD line, and one in the same block as Blacksalt.]

    -signed, a Potomac resident

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    1. re: ermine

      Yeh, damn those cameras. I got a ticket about a month ago going to (no lie).... BlackSalt.

      btw- BlackSalt has a nice private room.

      Ironically, I'm having lunch at Makoto with Jeff Black tomorrow. He's an old friend of mine. Greatest guy in the world and I'm sure he'd be very accomodating.

      1. re: MOM's boy

        When you have lunch, ask him what changes he's making re: the service issues mentioned yesterday on Tom's chat, and report back if it's OK with him. The food is great, but these front-desk service stories are getting seriously bad.

        1. re: johnb

          I probably won't ask him, as I try not to "go there" when we're hanging out socially. Ironically, when I called him to make these plans, the phone went unanswered at BlackSalt the first time around, but got picked up a minute later when I called back.

          I'll guarantee one thing, though... he'll straighten the problem out. He had similar problems at Black's when he first opened and it took him a few months before things went smoothly. The guy is not a typical flaky (artistic) chef... he's quick to identify problems and is proactive in fixing them.

          One tidbit is that he's got BIG plans for the renovation of Black's in Bethesda. Exciting stuff.