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Sep 7, 2001 12:44 PM

searching The City

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I note the annual "Best Of" contest winners has now been posted on City Search. The winners are anointed in two categories, Audience Winners and Editorial Winners. I glanced at a couple of categories and here are some results as well as my own "editorial comments".

1) Best Pizza- The Editorial Board scores by naming Arizmendi Bakery, a Chowhound favorite as purveyor of the best pie in the Bay Area. I could not agree more, although I must say that a recent pizza from Greco-Romana in the Richmond ran a close second.

2) Best Hamburger- This will strike some as blasphemy, others as validation for their position, while still others will just roll their eyes. The audience deemed In & Out as the best burger joint. While I certainly enjoy the occasional visit to this cult favorite, I enjoyed it more during my SoCal days when it was harder to get one and thus it seemed even better. Others definitely make a better burger however.

3) Best Burrito-The editorial board named El Farolito best burrito, they seem to do that every year. I cannot comment as I have never been there. The audience selected La Taqueria, which has solid fare, although I tend to favor Pancho Villa, which placed second in the audience poll and was also one of the nominees in the Editorial group. Of note, La Corneta, which has been receivng some play on this board placed ninth in the audience poll. We are headed to the Glen Park branch this weekend to check it out.

4)Best Sushi-Once again, a split, with the Editorial winner Kabuto and the audience voting for Tokyo Go Go. I have never been to the latter but would find it hard to quibble over Kabuto since it is in our hood and we have been going there for years. Sachio is a master and the pristine nature of the fish has never wavered. However, I would love to hear from some of the sushi mavens, especially my pal chowhoundx who has more sushi knowledge in one speck of wasabi than I could hope to have in a lifetime. In addition, I note none of the current favorites on the board were included in either the audience poll or editorial group. Too provincial you think or just unknowing?

s'all for now



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  1. Randy, thanks for the commentary! Can you share a little more about Greco Romana? Sounds like an overlooked gem. How is it different from Pizzeta?

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      I would describe Greco as gourmet Greek pizza. It's really good, although the last few times I've been there, it feels like the pizza isn't as good and I can't describe why. It's good small neighborhood restaurant.

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        randy salenfriend

        Hi Elise:

        Glad to spread some Greco-Romana love. Although the restaurant bills itself as "Greek/Italian, I believe Mediterranean would be accurate. For example, our most recent pie was half "La Romana" and half "Rustica". The former contained proscuitto, roma tomatoes, garlic, basil and of course sauce and cheese. The latter consisted of artichoke hearts, eggplant, sausage and zucchini.

        The nice thing about this pizza is that the crust manages to bridge that gap between too "puffy" read, doughy and too flat. Rather, it retains a certain bit of crispiness and chewiness, I mean, grammar aside, you just have to taste it to relate to those descriptors. Add to that the freshess of the toppings, the combos and the fact that one can taste both the crust and the extras and you have that certain pizza love going.

        Although they give a nod to the "designer" pizzas, a la sun dried tomatoes and pesto, the bottom line is that here, you can get what amounts to a traditional pizza with some not so traditional toppings. Enjoy.