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Sep 7, 2001 01:59 AM

Picnic Update – New Deadline, 9/13

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Just got back from summer vacation? Not to worry, we’ve extended the deadline to reserve your chow shirt and a spot at the picnic in Golden Gate Park until Thursday, September 13, 2001. USPS has been slow due to the holiday – all you anxious hounds can stop emailing that your check is in the mail.

Now that you've seen Wendy Lai's clever design for the limited edition “Chowing with the Hounds” beefy-shirt (link below for design and reservation info), this is your opportunity to revise your order. Remember chow shirts make handsome holiday gifts for your deserving chow friends. Your $20 contribution per chow shirt will help support the valuable Chowhound site and you’ll get a very cool shirt to wear. Please do your part financially to make the San Francisco chowhound contribution to the site a success.

To bring you up to date, here are some Frequently Asked Questions and responses.


Gourmet or comfort food, homemade or store-bought chow, bring what most pleases your discerning palate. Chowhounding is about deliciousness of every form. Tuna noodle casserole? Sure, as long as it’s yummy and you’re proud to share it. Each family should contribute one dish for the groaning board, and we’d never say “no” to more delectables.

We’ll be voting on the most delicious in each category and awarding prizes. More on this soon.


Veggie, fish, fowl or beast – entirely your choice, you’re the cook. Barbecues will be fired up and ready for use thanks to our team of expert grillmasters. They’ve volunteered their time to tend the coals and share their tips on the fine art of grilling. Please join us in the time-honored ritual of bonding over the camp fire and pick up a few pointers to boot.


Park regulations prohibit monetary transactions on-site. We’re working with one of the board’s favorite purveyors to choose an assortment of fine cheeses for your $7 contribution. Better to plan ahead than to be sorry later that you’ve missed out. And, you WILL be sorry once you see these offerings.

We’ve talked cheese on the message boards, now let’s eat and compare notes. Cheese specialists and our own chowhound cheeseheads will be on hand to help overcome any fears of the cheese course, break down the pretense, and answer your questions about the world of cheese.

For the competitive spirits among you, we are holding a blind-tasting contest with some great prizes. More details to follow.


Be sure to note on your reservation form that you’re willing to help out. This is entirely a grass roots effort running on the fervent chow power of incredible volunteers. The amount of hidden talent we’ve uncovered in our midst so far is amazing. We’re gratified that so many of you have stepped forward to contribute your time to make this a phenomenal event.

Please let us know if you have any more questions. Once again, please be sure your checks are in by Thursday, September 13, 2001 (link below for reservation information). We're looking forward to seeing you all and sharing a great chowday in the park.


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    Melanie Wong

    Here's another news flash for the picnic program.

    Our own Nancy Berry turns out to be an instructor in outdoor cookery. She has graciously offered to demonstrate some of her wizardry with a Dutch oven. The proof, of course, is in the eating and we'll get to sample the results afterwards.

    Thank you, Nancy!

    The picnic is Saturday, Oct. 6 in Golden Gate Park, and the deadline for reservations is Sept. 13.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Please pass along my compliments to Wendy and the organizing crew for a very cool logo. Inspired and whimsical. But maybe next time, the bridge itself can be a tonuge?

      1. re: berkleybabe
        Melanie Wong

        A collective thank you from the volunteer crew, berkeleybabe! Wendy did an outstanding job for us. And we have an incredibly rich line-up of programs and prizes for picnic day, worth far more than the contribution levels we've requested.

        Let's hope that hounds are now inspired to check off the t-shirt and cheese slots and send in a contribution. Afterall, it's about showing appreciation for Chowhound, not the thank-you gifts, nice as they are. The contribution per chowhound in the first week's mail was less than we anticipated. We're optimistic that things will pick up next week if the earlybirds rethink their orders and the latecomers give their fair share. Let's do our part to help Chowhound pull together $30K.