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Sep 7, 2001 01:44 AM


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does anyone have a recommendation for a good turkish restaurant in the City or the east bay? thx -p

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  1. Kapadoccia
    2399 Broadway
    Redwood city

    It just opened and is authentic.

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    1. re: larry

      What do you recommend there?

      1. re: larry

        Do they have good esme?

        I've been craving it lately.

        That, and really gigantic artichoke hearts served upside-down in garlic and olive oil.

      2. Although I haven't yet been, I've heard good things from Turkish colleagues about a couple of places mid-Penninsula:

        Gyros Gyros
        498 University Ave., Palo Alto
        Tel: 650/327-0107

        Ephesus Mediterranean Bistro
        2639 Broadway St., Redwood City
        Tel: 650/365-1223


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        1. re: Deb H.

          Miss Deb! Nice to see you again.

          I've not been to either restaurant yet. Ephesus is now Sultan's (link below), and I understand that Gyros is run by Kurds from Turkey who felt that the Greek terms for their menu would have more market acceptance.