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The Blue Plate

Julie B. Sep 6, 2001 07:26 PM

Has anyone eaten there? Do you know if the wait is very long or do they take reservations. Thanks.

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    Syre RE: Julie B. Sep 6, 2001 08:20 PM

    They do take reservations. The place is rather smallish.

    It's run by nice people, and the food is good.

    But not in the same class as, for instance, Delfina.

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    1. re: Syre
      chowhoundX RE: Syre Sep 6, 2001 08:41 PM

      I was there twice about a year ago. I called ahead about an hour and asked to reserve a table on the porch -- which overlooks a pretty courtyard -- and they accommodated me. You can also eat outside in the courtyard if it's a nice night.

      I'd agree with the assessment that it's good basic cooking -- similar to Street, the new place on Polk St. I remember liking the mizuna salad.

      1. re: Syre
        Julie B. RE: Syre Sep 7, 2001 05:12 PM

        Thanks for the info. Is it priced about the same as Delphina? I wasn't blown away by Delphina when I was there about a year ago. I thought is was good, but not great.

        1. re: Julie B.
          Syre RE: Julie B. Sep 9, 2001 10:47 PM

          It's about the same as, or a dollar or so less expensive than Delfina.

          Delfina has better food, but the advantages of Blue Plate are:

          - you can usually get in without a reservation (let alone a reservation a couple of weeks in advance!)
          - the atmosphere is more low-key
          - food is often more down-home-ish
          - people are nice in both places.

      2. n
        NamasteSF RE: Julie B. Sep 7, 2001 08:50 PM

        HI! I love the atmosphere and most of the food-
        they do alot of unusual produce and good, high quality (Niman Ranch, etc) meats and local cheeses. Big on garlic! The atmosphere is very hip- and there's cool art on the walls and a turntable for spinning retro tunes. Desserts are not spectacular, but all in all, it's good, interesting & well prepared food-try the meatloaf!!


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