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May 23, 2005 11:32 AM

In search of GOOD, FRESH pita in Baltimore

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Where, oh where can one find a good Greek or Middle Eastern market/bakery that makes really good pita bread? Maybe Highlandtown? I'm not too fond of the local bakery that provides the pita bread for Whole Foods. Having recently been to the Pita Inn in Evanston, Ill which boasted some of the best darn pita I've ever had, I'm looking to sample Baltimore's offerings in search of a worthy replacement. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try the "Near East Bakery" in Hamilton!

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    1. re: Hon

      I think that this might be the bakery that supplies the local Whole Foods, but it's likely that the pita purchased directly from the storefront is fresher. Thanks for the suggestion -- I'll check it out. What else do they have there?

      1. re: pen

        Amazing olive selection, homemade spinach pies, various flat breads, etc.

        1. re: Hon

          Nice salty cheap Bulgarian feta, too.

      2. re: Hon

        stopped by this morning----closed! for sale sign in window.