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Sep 5, 2001 06:41 PM

Union Square with a kid

  • j

I'm going to visit SF for the weekend and stay at a hotel near Union Square. We will not have a car.
I'm looking for a really great place to go for an early dinner on Sunday night -- here's the catch: we have our 18 month old with us and though he's a good sport he's not the most discreet diner.
What do people recommend?

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  1. f
    Food Dog Man

    Max's, Mason and Geary. General menu, but quite good on the Kosher meats. Very good Reuben, and I'm from New York. You can even get Dr. Brown's Cream Soda! Enough noise so they won't know you're there.

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    1. re: Food Dog Man
      Mr. Bluetooth

      Was going to suggest the same thing. Other possibilities include:

      * Firewood Cafe (inside the DFS Galleria on Geary)
      * Food court in Macy's Cellar
      * Sushi Buni (across the street from Max's, forgot the address), but you'll need to fold the stroller because the restaurant's downstairs.

      Been to all of them with a tot, and, food-wise, they're all reliable.