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Sep 5, 2001 03:09 PM

Chowhound Picnic in Golden Gate Park

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Wow- I just had a great idea!!! How about if we get together a bunch of our friends and chowhwounds and put on a picnic, smashing idea huh? We can hold it in San Francisco's beautiful Golden Gate Park on say, October 6, 2001 from, oh I don't know, maybe 11-4 or so. The weather at that time of year is generally splendid don't you know.

People who are passionate about food and wine could bring a dish to share. There could be appetizers, entrees, cheeses, games, contests and more! Folks could pick up cool Chowhound t-shirts for themselves and friends as they make cool gifts. Families could attend and bring chowpups. All this could be had for a mere $8.00 per person for the picnic and only $20.00 for a t-shirt.

If anybody out there concurs, please let me know what you think. Thanks for listening. :)

PS Don't forget to get your payments in by September 7, 2001.

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