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Sep 5, 2001 09:32 AM

Only drinks?

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I´m visiting San Francisco this month to see some friends in San Rafael (across the bridge). A friend of mine recommended "2 AM Club" in Mill Valley on Miller St. along with other places. What kind of place is this? Do they just serve drinks? Is it a shady place? I don´t want to find myself in a bar with weird people!
Thanks in advance for any information.

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  1. I've never been to the 2am club, but Mill Valley officials checks passports at the town border -- they don't let any weirdos through.

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      the 2am club is just your run of the mill neighborhood bar. huey lewis and the news used it on the front of one of their album covers (OH! i date myself!) it's got a couple of pool tables and a Lot of regulars. it's not at all shady, just the kind of bar you'd go into every day if you were a working stiff. if you just want drinks and want something special there are sure a lot of really special places in the city to go, beautiful views, gorgeous architecture, great tunes. and food if you want it. not to mention mean drinks!

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      Kirsten Armstrong

      The 2 AM Club, otherwise known as the Deuce, is where every 20-something in Southern Marin know they can go the night before Thanksgiving and see everyone they knew growing up. It's also where a number of us had our first bar drinks at a younger age than we should have.

      It's kind of a dive. Not at all like the fancy SF bars. On good nights, it's packed with people and a lot of fun, but it's tough to know when those nights are going to happen. Other nights, it's the same bunch of old men who have been going there forever gossiping at the bar. In addition to the pool tables, they also have Miss Pac Man.

      Mill Valley has a lot to offer if you plan to stay in Marin though. For good food, head down to the depot at the end of Miller Ave for a range of restaurant availabilities. If the Deuce is dead, you can try Sweetwater, a small music club just off Miller - though they do charge a small cover.

      A nice plan for the evening is to catch the breath-taking sunset from Bolinas Ridge (get there around 7PM), head back down to Mill Valley for dinner, and then do drinks at one of the local bars or head into the city for a more upscale scene.

      Best of luck to you!