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Sep 5, 2001 02:07 AM

SF Chow Shirt Design - Reserve by Sept. 7!

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Here's the much anticipated unveiling of the San Francisco chow shirt design! This is an
original by our own Wendy Lai.

Please click below to view the t-shirt, enlargement of the logo, and for details on how to reserve your shirt and slot at the picnic.

We may still tinker with the legends a little, but this is our core design for eating by the
Bay. The limited edition chow shirts will be distributed at the picnic in Golden Gate Park
on Saturday, October 6.

Remember, we must receive your contribution no later than this Friday, 9/7.

Many thanks to Wendy for her creative work and to Michael and Rochelle for hosting our
design pages on MARS . This is truly a grassroots effort!


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