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Apr 27, 2005 08:50 AM

Best Burger?

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Any suggestions for the best burger in the DC area? Family tradition dictates that Passover ends with a burger and I'd like to find a good one...

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  1. g

    Without a doubt, 5 Guys.

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    1. re: GuinnessDrinker

      Morton's has a really good burger on their lunch menu - it is huge and comes with great shoestring fries. not sure if they offer it at dinner.

      You'll probably all scream at me - but I'm also a huge fan of a burger from Chili's. I get the Oldtimer with cheese and a side of their chili to slather on it. Man - I'm hungey just thinking about it!

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        1. re: Kooky

          A third for 5 Guys.....I don't go for the "gourmet" burgers like at Morton's or Harry's.

          I plead guilty to liking Chili's burgers....

          1. re: zelda

            Visited the Penn. and DC area last week and I also agree that 5 guys is great; we need one in New York. I also had a bite of my husband's burger at the Old Ebitt Grill and thought that burger was pretty tasty.

            1. re: FITZHAMM2000

              Old Ebbitt ranks right up there for me.

              Don't laugh, but Fuddruckers was awesome when rare and medium-rare were not forbidden.

              I had a pleasant surprise of a wonderful burger a couple of weeks ago at Tunnicliff's on Capitol Hill.

              Five Guys tends to disappoint me. (Of course, In-and-Out does, too, so what do I know?) But I do think the fast-food category is where the thin-pattied Five Guys burgers should be compared, not the restaurant category.

              1. re: BW

                You are right!!!!! Not to mention, it is such a pleasure to enjoy a burger in a nice restaurant setting compared to a fast food establishment and often (5 guys costs a lot more than McDonalds) you are not paying much more (except for tip).

                1. re: BW

                  The first time, years ago, that I ate at Fuddrucker's--the Baltimore one--I thought it was amazingly good. Fairly recently, I ate at the one in DC, and though not amazing (maybe I'm more jaded now), it was still very good, but too expensive for what it is.

                  I kind of agree with you about Five Guys. They're OK, but nothing to write home about. I think they could use more seasoning, but maybe that's what draw is, that it's a simple, straightforward burger.

          2. re: GuinnessDrinker

            burgers at Five Guys are not that great to me. I`d say Palena right now is making the best ones.

          3. Well, Palena probably makes the best burger, but it's closed on Sundays, IIRC. But lucky you -- Sunday night is burger night at the Colorado Kitchen, which is definitely in the top two or three.

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            1. re: Marty L.

              Agreed on Colorado Kitchen. One of the better deals in the city.

              1. re: Bob

                I keep hearing this and I just don't get this reccomendation. I have no axe to grind against this place (many seem to); but I just found their burger remarkably mediocre (not flavorful, a little dry); no better than what the average bachelor could fry up at home.

              2. re: Marty L.

                Agreed, Colorado Kitchen is the choice.

              3. For me, it's still the Sign of the Whale on M Street. Conveniently located in the same block as two strip clubs (although I think one may be undergoing renovation), they offer several different burgers with different toppings, or you can create your own. My favorite is the cajun burger, blackened, with hot pepper cheese, bacon, and remoulade sauce. My wife prefers the one with blue cheese and mushrooms on it. Any of these will make you happy. If I recall correctly, they have half-price burgers Sunday and Monday nights, so you'd be set for the end of passover.

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                1. re: Jim Rice

                  I will throw in a second for Sign of the Whale's "Whale Burgers". I get the Islander - cheddar, grilled onions and 1000 Island.

                  Their French onion soup is tremendous as well.

                  1. re: cf

                    Thirds here. And they cook to order. Order medium-well and that's what you get. You can have the best beef in the world but if some idiot burns it all to hell....

                2. Chadwick's in Friendship Heights and Georgetown make excellent burgers. The FH branch is more kid-friendly IMHO, with white paper tablecovers and crayons.

                  1. Harry's Tap Room in Arlington (near Courthouse)

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                    1. re: The Bear

                      Harry's is down the street from the Clarendon Metro stop.

                      1. re: AngelV

                        Sometimes their supposedly Wagyu beef seems strangely tasteless to me. And they consistently undercook the burgers--we order well done to get medium rare! Not to change topic entirely but their fried shrimp are outstanding.

                        1. re: Amy B.

                          The only good thing i had to say about that burger was beef quality. Its a shame, because they got teh most important thing right, and everythign else wrong.

                          The mussels were nice though. :)

                          1. re: foodgeek

                            Ok, NOW I've tried 5 guys. Very good burger for a fast food burger. :) The fries were soggy and greasy,

                            1. re: Foodgeek

                              I've had soggy or lukewarm fries handed to me at Five Guys. I'll always asked for a fresh order (they always accommodate) and when the potatoes come right out of the fryer, they're top notch. It doesn't take very long for French fries to go soggy.

                              Even a small order is about twice what I can eat with lunch. I take the leftovers home, give them a touch-up in a wok and they're good for dinner.

                      2. re: The Bear

                        That oen I've tries. Harry's uses wugyu beef, and the meat itself was very good, but the execution was off. Soggy bun, overripe tomatoes, the burger was too thick, the fries were limp, etc... I had high hopes because they were rated well in a burger article once, but was dissapointed.

                        I'll have to try that gaffney's rec since I had a good po'boy there once.