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Suicide Bridge

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Anyone know anything about the Suicde Bridge Restaurant?

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  1. it was just mentioned recently, in a fairly positive way...as an old fashioned sort of traditional shore restaurant...

    i've never been, but i accidentally drove by it once on an exploratory excursion with my dog...i CAN tell you first hand that the setting is just LOVELY

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      It is worth the trip. Setting is lovely -- right on the river. Food is quite good, both traditional seafood and obligatory burgers, etc. A word of warning: it is hard to find. Make sure you get good directions.

    2. Here is Joe H.'s review of last year.
      I stopped there on the way to the beach last summer, and the crab cakes were very good, but some of the side dishes dissapointed.

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

      1. Loves it. Get the oyster stew.

        1. Suicide Bridge is an excellent Maryland-style seafood restaurant. They also offer scenic boat rides on the Choptank, and serve delicious fried chicken and crab cakes on the boat. Highly recommended.

          1. Hi all,

            Thought I'd report on my meal there Sunday night.

            It was very much what we expected for an Eastern Shore restaurant: Down-home feel that specialized in local seafood dishes.

            The dozen raw oysters we started with were plump and perfect in every way. All they needed was a dash of salt. Being local they weren't terribly briny the way I generally like 'em, but they were great for what they are.

            The Maryland crab soup was perfect in every way: spicy, Old-Bay-y, crabby, and chock full o' veggies. Alas, the she-crab soup (the cream of crab) wasn't a hit. No sherry at all, and thus it had an overall bland quality to it. Thickened more with flour/cornstarch than real cream, but I only had one taste so I may be wrong.

            We got their famous crab balls, which we didn't finish. They were bite-sided balls of crab bound together with mayo and a bit of green (parsley, maybe?), coated in crumbs and then deep-fried. Just didn't do it for us, it was rather bland.

            I got the broiled rockfish which was first-rate. I'm guessing about 6 oz filet, perfectly broiled. They had drawn butter that compimented the fish perfectly. I should have gone healthier and asked for lemon, but gobbled it up with butter instead. :)

            You have a choice of sides, I loved the beets but the cole slaw was just "meh." The veggie of the day was green beans, and I was suprised that they were fresh, not canned. They were a tad overcooked but tasty nonetheless. Thier roasted fingerling potatoes were also nice.

            We didn't get dessert, were too full of yummy seafood!

            All those apps, two soups, two dinners (comes with salad), and four drinks ran us about $85.

            Lovely view of the creek whose name I'm forgetting at the moment.

            Definitely a nice taste of the Eastern Shore. If you have resonable expectations for what sort of a meal you'll get there, you won't be disappointed. They have shad on the menu (I believe not to long ago someone inquired on the board about local fish.....)


            1. I agree that the setting is lovely, but the entire place reminded me of a chain restaurant, where servers HAVE to smile constantly and inauthentically, and tee shirts of the restaurants are sold in the lobby. I know this will sound odd, but I found it on the 'fancy' side for an Eastern Shore seafood place.

              I don't remember too much about what we got, but I do remember thinking that I can get better crabs at my local carryout in SE Baltimore.

              However, it does make for a fun excursion (if the weather would ever turn nice around here)! Another good excursion for seafood would be the crabhouse in Rock Hall, which I actually think is much, much better...and a bit dive-er....

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                Gee - somehow I thought I was the only person who knew of this restaurant! Not fantastic, but not bad - and like everyone says, fun if you can find it!

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                  "I do remember thinking that I can get better crabs at my local carryout in SE Baltimore."

                  Your local carryout (assuming you mean Chris's Seafood) has some of the best crabs in the Baltimore area.

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                    Of course! And, lucky for us, they even deliver to our 'hood!