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Sep 3, 2001 05:20 PM

Question for Melanie Wong

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I'm probably posting about a place that is WAY before your time, but maybe one of your Aunties might know. In the 70's a friend introduced me to dim sum. With my first bite I was in love...yum. We went to a place on Pacific just west of Grant in Chinatown. It was called Fu something or something Fu. I know that's not much help but it was my first and regular (when in S.F.) dim sum pig out. It was a small place and the dim sum was delivered on trays. When crowded you had to sit with others and one time we got lucky and sat with a nice Chinese family (mother, father, 2 daughters). He introduced us to a really exotic dish (or so I thought at the time)--duck feet! Maybe someone in your family can remember the name of the restaurant? It was on the north side of Pacific.

Another question: in that same time frame, there was a bakery around the corner, just north of Pacific on Grant. They made the BEST coconut least, that's what we called them. I frequented that place for several years until one time it was no longer there. Did they move? go out of business? My children could hardly wait until I opened the boxes of cookies so that they could have samples!

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  1. I'm not Melanie, and I'm much, much older. I think the bakery your are referring to is the old Ping Yuen Bakery on Grant. There was a smaller bakery nearby that used to serve very popular puffed rice cakes, and Ginger ice cream. On the dim sum place, you might have your geography confused, because you are describing Hang Ah, the old classic place (maybe still there) on Hang Ah alley near the corner of Stockton and Clay. I vaguely recall a dim sum place on Pacific above Grant, but it wasn't very good. Hang Ah had delectable duck feet.

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      Thanks, Jim. I should have been more specific about who might be able to answer my's just that I know Melanie comes from S.F. and some others I'm not sure of. Anyway, that may be the bakery...not sure. But I'm pretty sure that the dim sum place was on Pacific and was supposed to be (at that time) one of the best. I remember that you had to walk and squeeze past the kitchen in order to get to the bathroom. I always thought that was a treat because then I could linger a little by the kitchen and watch the preparations in progress. Whatever happened to that bakery? I've had such good dim sum in recent years at Yank Sing that I probably wouldn't think that old place was all that was just my first experience.

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        Melanie Wong


        First let me apologize in advance for making an example of you. But I must say again, and more emphatically this time so that it sinks in. It really ticks me off to see my name in a subject heading like that because it's so disrespectful to the community at large. I ignore such requests.

        No one individual here has the knowledge that our entire community of 'hounds holds collectively. We can't function without all their amazing contributions.

        Thanks for understanding.


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          I only used your name because it was rhe most familiar to me on the S.F. board...believe me, I won't do it again.

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            Melanie Wong

            Thanks, Kit. Lots of folks here who can answer your questions and we don't want to discourage them.

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              Food Dog Man

              The dim sum place ABOVE Stockton on Pacific? I liked it quite a lot and a week ago I went by and it was padlocked. Can't remember the name.

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        Hang Ah is still there, but the last time we went, my wife (who is MSG sensitive) had a bad reaction, so we crossed that off our list of dim sum houses. However, that is just one time about 2 years ago, I had gone there about 3 times previously and had no problems whatsoever.

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        Lynne Hodgman

        Hi Kit,

        I know the restaurant well. My sister (who lives in the Bay Area; I am in the wilds of Kansas now!) says it has closed. It was at 880 Pacific (or something close to that) and was tiny. I think it was called Tong Fu. I loved watching the women make dim sum faster than the eye could follow. It was all incredibly fresh. I thought at one point I had heard they were one of the few who made their own dim sum. I can't believe it isn't there any was my first experience with dim sum too, in 1975!

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          Thanks for jogging my memory...I'm thinking that it was called Tung Fong. My family enjoyed it also...wasn't big and glitzy but the food was good and it was small enough so that you didn't get lost in a corner. I remember that they had a great black bean/chilli condiment on the table - it was tasty, not just hot.