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Sep 3, 2001 02:48 PM

Korean buffet (BBQ) in Hayward

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Tried the place for dinner(only offer the BBQ at your table) by recommendation of 2CHG and it is quite good. It is better than the other 2 places in this area in Newark and Milpitas(not recommended).

- it has a wire mesh heated by fire below
- separate heated broth for cooking vegetables, boiled stuff. broth has good taste better than most places i've been. definitely one of the best.
- fresh meats and vegetables
- good seasoned kalbi/ribs
- meat selection is decent although not as many as other places
- has lambs thinly cut
- seafood, same as above
- very fresh good size prawns
- cooked dishes are just average (cap jae, fried rice, etc)
- special type of noodles (brown in color) with excellent tasting broth. really good
- dessert selection is ok
- service is acceptable: changed plates, etc.
- try the dark sauce in a small bowl at the left of the vegetable section.
- it even has oysters (still closed) still in the shells for grilling

Let me know if other chowhounds has find other good places in the bay area. I also tried the one in Berkeley and two places in SF by Geary and Clement. Berkeley has the largest selection and probably the best among them.

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  1. we were just saying the other day how long it had been since we'd been out for korean bbq. our favorite place is brothers on geary around 5th or 6th. the room fills up early and the wait is long and there are generally many asian families which i always take to be a good sign.

    the food is delicious, prepared at the table, and the portions are hefty.

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    1. re: Rochelle

      the places that i went were all you can eat. they all charged about $12-15 per person.

      it is better if you fast before you visit them and then excercise afterward to burn it off.

      1. re: Rochelle

        brothers rocks, though they need to install vents for the smoke. next time you go, make sure to order the ojinguh tigum, deep fried battered octopus. good stuff.

        1. re: wonki
          doesn't matter

          just for the people who might care... ojinguh tigum is not octopus... it's actually squid. dat's all i gotta say.

          1. re: doesn't matter

            well, if you really want to get technical, it's cuttlefish, but you're right, i should have said squid instead of octopus. i always get mixed up between that and nakji, which really is octopus. anyway, the point is it's tasty.

        2. re: Rochelle

          I know there are two Brother's restauarnt on Geary, both run by the same family. But I've always been told by friends that one is better than the other. And it would seem that one is always packed while the other is not. Is this true? And I don't know the address of the "good" one, but I know it's further in on Geary more towards Richmond and away from the water. I've gone to the "good" one.
          Anybody else know or can confirm this theory?

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          Mike Kilgore

          Is the name of the place Korean Buffet BBQ? Or do you have an address/phone? My wife and I go out to Hayward every time we are in SF to visit her Japanese antiques wholesaler and he and his wife want to take us to a Korean place in Hayward. I wonder if this is the place? Any additional info on it would be appreciated.

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          1. re: Mike Kilgore

            Here is the info:
            Korean BBQ Buffet
            1292 Davis St
            San Leandro, CA

            phone(510) 568-4795

            don't miss the japanese noodle near the meat section !

          2. we go to palace bbq in sunnyvale when we're craving meat. no real coals and it doesn't sound quite as elaborate as the one you talk about, but great kalbi and also great sam gyup sal (bacon, but unsmoked or seasoned) which you can dip into the oil and salt mixture and melt in your mouth. also good panchan and a whole lot of other goodies. have fun.