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Apr 11, 2005 03:36 PM

Indian Grocery in Baltimore?

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I am looking for any Indian grocery stores in Baltimore City that have a good supply of spices, curries, etc.

Fells Point area would be best but I will drive for quality and good selection

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  1. I have never found one in Baltimore although some of the asian grocery stores carry indian stuff. I work in Columbia off of 108 and we have 2 around the corner on Red Branch Road, might be worth the drive if you want to stock up! One is called Food Cravings and the other one I will find out for you if you want to know.

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      wowwee, I never knew there were so many in town - the last one I remember was above Jai Hind on York Road and it was nasty!

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      Boris the Meat

      India Palace in Cockeysville has recently opened a small grocery store next to the restaurant. I have never been inside, but I'm sure they have what your looking for.

      1. There is a smaller Indian grocery called Punjab on Greenmount Ave. near the new Waverly Crossroads Giant. Stopped in there yesterday for the first time, they had a lot of powder curries, rice, etc. They have a small selection of desserts (gulab jamun, halwa, etc) inside the refrigerated case.

        1. Isn't there an Indo-Pak grocery on Broadway? East side about 3-4 blocks north of Eastern Ave? There used to be...

          Do check out the one on 33rd, near the Farmer's Market, although my personal favorite is Bombay Bazaar on West Pratt Street (1500 block?), a few blocks west of the B & O. Rough part of town (not far from "The Corner") but amazing selection of spices, pulses, etc. Run by a friendly older Sikh couple.

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            That sounds like my kind of place.


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              here is a list of ethnic food stores in baltimore


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                The Indo-Pak grocery is still there in Upper Fells Point. I was in there a few weeks ago buying poppadums.

              2. Mount Everest is a dusty place where I usually end up when craving Indian food. It is connected to a store called the Frankford Market(near the intersection of Frankford and Radecke). I guess you can say its in the Rosedale/Gardenville/Hamilton area. I'm pretty sure they may sell what you need, but here's their number, 410-325-1378, if you want to make sure.