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Apr 6, 2005 06:27 PM

Ghana Cafe

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Anyone been to the Ghana Cafe in Adams Morgan? Is it any good? What should we have if we go there? (I have walked by a few times during the day, on weekends, and it was closed -- maybe its only open for dinner on weekends?)

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  1. I went here last year on Tyler Cowen's recommendation. Good, but wasn't exactly my favorite meal of the year, but I had never had Ghanaian food before so I still really enjoyed the visit. I can't remember exactly what we had, but I do remember we were the only people in the immediate vicinity who did not order Red Red, so that might be one good choice (that's Tyler's recommendation as well, along with peanut soup).


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      I kinda like this place also...have been going every once in a while over the years.
      The red red is excellent (well, I haven't had other red reds to compare it to).

      The owner's kind of spacy.
      He always seems TOO happy, like he's on something.
      A few years ago, he came by, wordlessly put a bottle of wine on the table and just as quietly, walked away.
      Didn't charge us for it either.

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      morganna the kissing bandit

      I really like this place. Make sure you get egusi - ground pumpkin seeds in spinach. It's great. It might come with most entrees. Honestly, it's been a while, so I can't get specific, but I will say generally it's a good meal. Also, make sure you get a Club beer.

      1. The staff is helpful if you aren't familiar with West African food. For instance, they warned my All-American party against ordering the fermented corn staple that comes with some of the dishes, and we should have listened. It's truly an acquired taste (and smell).

        1. 2013 update - this restaurant is now in Logan Circle - 1336 14th St. Parking is a bear, to put it mildly. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. We'd just come home from a trip to Ghana where our guide just did not want to allow us to try Ghanian food. I'm not sure if they were worried we wouldn't like it and then would have to find us something else, or maybe had had bad experiences with previous clients? In any case, we knew that there were several West African restaurants in the Ghana area so we decided to try Ghanian food when we got home. Meanwhile, we were stuck eating fried rice and chicken (lots of Chinese people in Ghana) or pasta. So we went to Ghana Cafe last night and feasted on the vegan menu (the regular menu is the same basics, but with your choice of meats or fish added on). We had fufu, red-red (GREAT), banku, and kelewele (spiced plantain). All was terrific and the owner, Tony Opare, treated us as valued guests. STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY THIS PLACE.

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            Try's Suma's, much more flavorful and thoughtful in my (limited) experience.