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Sep 1, 2001 12:34 PM

sweet (and salty) tooth?

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Wandered into a little sweet shop on 704 Kearney St. SF-right across from the Portsmith Sq. parking garage. Intitially was attracted by some weirdly translated phrase on their sign/window that now escapes me. They have a large selection of sweets .... the regular stuff: gummy bears, drops, hard candies, etc. but they also have an extensive selection of Asian dried/preserved fruits with little sample bowls next to each one. As a kid, I grew up with many of these and haven't had them in many a year. It was fun to take a stroll down memory I sampled the preserved lemons, plums, ginger,etc...if you've ever been curious or want to expand your taste buds-this is a good place to start.
Aji Ichiban is the name of the store.

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    Melanie Wong

    I've noticed it recently too. This place is a relatively new addition to the block. Thanks for reporting.

    1. Aji Ichiban is big in Hong Kong. I think the store also goes by the name "Munchies Palace". The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are my favorite. It has a great assortment of other Asian treats, but I haven't gotten the courage to try most of the stuff yet! =)

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        You're right, they are based in Hong Kong. And they have three stores in the New York area ... two in Manhattan and one in Flushing. Here's their website address: