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Sep 1, 2001 10:51 AM

Delfina -- still nice, maybe even improving!

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I had dinner with a friend tonight at Delfina and found it to be, if anything, better than ever!

We had the Calamari Salad with White Beans, which seems to be everyone's favorite. In the past I've felt it has been too oily, but it was just right this time.

I followed with a Local Sea Bass with Corn, Chanterelles and Tomatoes, which was a perfect piece of fish cooked perfectly. The vegetable accompaniment was also wonderful. My only criticism was that a rather overlarge dollop of basil aioli was placed on the fish, dripping down into the corn and altering its lovely flavor. I scooped some of it off and put it in my bread plate, and all was well.

My friend had Gnocchi with Squash Blossoms, which had a nice lemony flavor and was just fine.

For dessert, we had the panna cotta, which was as smooth and creamy as it should be, and was served with a nice light caramel sauce and three blackberries.

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  1. Have to agree - getting better all the time. We ate there about a week and a half ago and it was great - had the Calamari Salad as well - great (but try the Calamari Salad at Scala's Union Square - that's my favorite). Had the brined pork loin - incredible, and the frites were delicious as well. We like it so much, as we were leaving we made a res for this coming week.

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      I also have to agree. I've liked all of their fish.
      I also love the brandade served with a crispy, craskerlike flatbread.

      1. re: amy

        The squash blossoms stuffed with cheese are also excellent. One thing I've noticed about Stoll is that he likes to incorporate beans (cippolini, etc) in his dishes and he has the perfect cooking of them down pat.

    2. b
      Bay Gelldawg

      "Local Sea Bass?" How could there be such a thing?

      Was it caught in Stowe Lake?