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Aug 31, 2001 11:34 PM

I have to go to Vallejo

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Any suggestions-lunch or dinner?
Please e mail me-I'm a regular on another city's Chowhound board.

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    Melanie Wong

    Bob, you can tell us where you live, we'll still talk to you. (g) But only on this Board for everyone's benefit, not via e-mail.

    One of your best bets in Vallejo is Cha Am, a thai restaurant. Now, it won't compare to the best in LA, but it's pretty good for up here, particularly in the 'burbs. I've linked below the account of our Chowhound dinner there.

    I had dinner there this week, and while it wasn't as fine as the previous outing, still competent. My main complaint was that the prawns were skimpy.

    I'll post on a couple more things soon.


    1. Cha Am is definitely great. The place we eat at the most in the Vallejo area is Nantucket's under the Carquinez bridge. You'll need to call them to get the best directions from where you are staying (510.787.2233) I have been going there since '78 and the place is still one of the most relaxed dining experiences. Seafood is their thing, though they do a great pepper steak. Your not going to get high end dining in Vallejo. At Nantucket's, you'll eat like a king. Enjoy!

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        Melanie Wong

        Here's a link to your other recs in Vallejo.