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Aug 31, 2001 01:39 AM

good breakfast place in San Francisco??

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Does anyone know of a good breakfast place? Our hotel is on Sutter. Thanks

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  1. Which part of Sutter is your hotel on? Near downtown?

    Next to Shalimar is Dottie's True Blue Cafe and it's good. I also like the lemon ricotta pancakes at Miss Millie's on 24th and Castro in Noe Valley.

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    1. re: Limster

      Yuk to "famous" Sears, catering mainly to tourists and living on a old reputation. It is cramped, dirty,tables sticky with syrup, floors littered with crumbs and other breakfast detritus, and the food is BORING. Dottie's True Blue has better atmosphere and better food. Is everyone's idea of a good breakfast bacon/sausage/fried eggs/french toast or pancakes? Surely, chowhounds can come up with a more imaginative take on breakfast, to say nothing of a healthier meal.

      1. re: Dee Myers
        randy salenfriend


        Kudos to you for revealing this fraud for what it really is. Some years ago, I met some out of town friends for breakfast at Sears. One of the friends had been dining there for years and had fond memories of Sears from her childhood, when her family lived in The City and they dined there together.

        Due to Sears' need to turn tables, they rushed us from the moment we swallowed our last bite of average food. As we were catching up on old times and enjoying our conversation,we dug in our heels and remained at the table as they glared at us and reluctantly re-filled our cups with the vile brown liquid I hesitate to call coffee. Finally, the waitress crossed the line and we thanked her for her "tude". At that point, she became even ruder so we thanked her and complained to the management.

        This place is clearly for the tourist trade and virtually all of the other spots mentioned on this board far exceed Sears. In addition, try Judy's on Chestnut in the Marina, yummy pumpkin bread, Emma's, on Presidio at California and Eats, corner of 2nd and Clement in The Richmond. Happy Chowing!!


        1. re: randy salenfriend

          Friends don't let friends (or strangers, for that matter) eat at Sears.

          some of my faves are Kates Kitchen- Lower Haight, Miss Millies- 24th/Noe Valley, Liberties (great irish hearty brekkie, with a creative touch)-Guerrero/22nd, and the breakfast burrito at papalote on 24th/Valencia. Supposedly Ellas on Presidio is one of the best, but I have yet to try it.

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      Sandy Stadtfeld

      If you're downtown (near Union Square) the mecca for breakfast is Sears fine foods, on Powell between Post and Sutter. Waitresses (in Pink) call you hon.'

      1. scala's on powell and post? is good, i second sears and miss millies and would add kate's kitchen in the lower haight for inexpensive, fresh and delish food