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Mar 16, 2005 11:45 AM

Easter Candy

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Where do you buy your bunnies? I've been buying Lindt but miss the old family candy shops I lived near in NY and PA.

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  1. It's been a while since I have been, but the Heidelberg bakery used to have lovely chocolate bunnies and eggs. I would also bet Kingsbury Chocolates (I think that's the name) on King Street in Old Town Alexandria would have nice ones too.

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    1. re: Lisa H

      I second the bunnies at the Heidelberg and like to get smaller things at the German Gourmet such as the chocolate lady bugs.

    2. Rhebs. I can't vouch for their bunnies, but they have the best cream filled eggs. Chocolate butter cream, vanilla butter cream. mmm. I am MUCH too old to be getting an easter basket, but my mom still buys me Rhebs eggs. They are in Lexington Market and in a converted garage across Wilkins Ave from St Agnes hospital

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      1. re: Stacys

        Actually, I prefer Mary Sue for Easter Eggs, made just up the stree from Rhebs. My family knew Mr Lou, the founder, personally and I am still partial to their truffles, soft milk chocolate rolled in jimmies. So good it's sinful.

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          I love rhebs easter eggs. I live in hagerstown maryland but was born in baltimore and still go to rhebs at easter time just for the eggs. My mom lives in florida and orders the eggs each year. They can't be beat.

        2. check out this place. amazing stuff.
          King Street in Old Town Alexandria