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Aug 30, 2001 11:33 PM

Gyros in San Francisco

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Is there any Greek establishment in San Francisco that serves real vertical rotisserie gyros like in Chicago, and not the frozen, microwaved processed strips I often encounter in the Bay Area?

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  1. get yourself immediately to Truly Mediterranean on Haight near Cole or on 16th st near valencia. it couldn't be easier!

    1. Truly Mediterranian is good, as is Ali Baba's Cave, Haight and Fillmore or Valencia and 19th st.

      Not Greek, but real strips of (in the case of Ali Baba) your choice of lamb or turkey.

      1. I doubt that you will find real gyros like Chicago (Greek Isles or Parthenon) in San Francisco. For some strange reason, after the demise of the Minerva Cafe (at the behest of the Health Dept, I believe), there has been no REAL Greek restaurant in the City. Some trendy overpriced yuppy places downtown, but not REAL. For several years there was something close at China Basin, but the rent increase drove them out. A shame that a city like SF misses out on this facet.