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Mar 10, 2005 09:46 PM

Le chat Noir up in wisconsin avenue

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has anyone been to le chat noir before? i couldn't find reviews of it, but i saw that it is a new restaurant on; they have sweet and savory crepes.

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  1. It just opened a week or so ago....pretty standard French bistro menu with a specialty of crepes. I haven't tried it yet but I was interested in their hand written sign advertising "moules frites" on Thursdays.

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    1. re: Jim Zurer

      if anyone's been there, lemme know how the food is.

      1. re: frenchfoodcraze

        i have been there, the food is terrific i have to say, and their specialty is savory crepes.
        I recommend you make a reservation on the weekends.

    2. Where on Wisconsin Ave. is it?

      1. I have eaten there and it is great... the crepes are good, and from what i understand they have a brand new chef and his specials are amazing, been there three times in the past week always someting differnt and service and wine are great as well!

        1. Tried this neighborhood place last night and was terribly disappointed. Ambiance is lovely, food is not. Service was fair.

          Among the four of us we shared appetizers: pesto mussels, chevre salad, fois gras. The pesto sauce was tasty but the accompanying mussels were scrawny and dry. Salad was okay, nothing special. The fois gras, sweet from fig and possibly honey, did not taste very fresh. And the sweetness became clawing after a couple of bites.

          Mains: Mussels - looked okay but I didn't sample. Coquille St. Jaques was worst I've ever tasted. The scallops were "past their prime" and tasted crusty from DEEP FRYING! Probably sauteed in too much oil/butter. Have you ever seen this dish dry? The brochette skewer was overdone and dry. Now for my dish: Veal. This was tough, tastless and smothered in a lifeless grey sauce that tasted of flour and nothing else. What a disaster. I only ordered this, by the way, when the waiter informed me that the chef could not cook the salmon I originally ordered rare.

          Washington is not a French restaurant heaven. However there are plenty of infinitely better places at the same (not cheap!) price level. Try Bistro Lepic just down Wisconsini Ave in Georgetown, for example.

          All that said, the restaurant was crowded on a Wednesday evening. Go figure.