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Aug 30, 2001 03:34 PM

Sit down dim sum in chinatown

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I'm looking for a dim sum place in S.F.chinatown to eat at this sunday morning. I'd like a place that is comfortable to sit down at and not stupid expensive. So far I've got Ton Kiang
(5821 Geary Boulevard). Do you have any suggestions?

Thank You-

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  1. Ton Kiang is actually not in Chinatown. Linked below is a summary of prior dim sum posts that a visiting chowhound was kind enough to gather.

    My favorite is actually not in San Francisco. Seafood Harbor is in Millbrae, just south of SFO.

    To answer your question about carts, the advantage of carts is that you get to see the food before you order. This presumes some knowledge and confidence on your part. Ordered off the menu and delivered straight from the kitchen, the dishes are often warmer and fresher tasting.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks for the input, I'll try and make it to Seafood Harbor.

      1. re: Joshua Simon

        Try a search for "seafood harbor francisco" from the main Chowhound page. You'll come up with a number of posts, and a recent one from Mike Lee.

    2. Nothing tops Yank Sing, now ensconced in the Rincon Annex. They're always coming up with new dishes. It's a bit hip; the servers, instead of saying things like "har kow?" will say things like "You wanna another hit of this?" It's a bit pricey, too. But it's the best.

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        I like my dim sum waiters fluent in anything but english. "You want another hit of this" sounds like something you do before you go to the restaurant!
        Thanks for the input.

      2. Yank Sing has always been absurdly overpriced. In Chinatown, you won't go wrong at the Grand Palace (formerly Kuo Wah). Maybe not as trendy as Yank Sing, but very acceptable dim sum as very reasonable prices. Take a good look at Yank Sing...see many Chinese???