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Aug 29, 2001 07:20 PM

Good eats in Hayward/Fremont area?

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I work in San Leandro and we find the lunch time choices very limited. Once in a while after work I would like to go out to dinner in the area, again, the culinary choices are very poor. Or am I just not well informed? Any suggestions? I like Asian especially, any kind of Asian food.

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  1. i live in hayward area and can recommend a few places that i enjoyed:

    -grand taipei at hesperian across chabot college: ask for the chinese menu(if you can't read chinese ask the waiter for help - avoid the mean waitress). beef with red peppers, pork with bamboo shoots are great.

    -abacus at hesperian and a st

    -filipino restaurant next to abacus (forgot the name) has a delicious lunch buffet, all you can eat, with many dishes to try for very reasonable price($5-6)

    -chinese/korean restaurant (can't remember the name)at east 14th street, in san leandro nearby some tire stores. very tiny humble place that has the best kan-pong chicken and sweet sour beef perhaps in the bay area/u.s. continent. once you come here and tried the two dishes, you will always come back guaranteed.

    In fremont area:
    -Tung kee noodle house is a must (near Lion market)

    there's many more actually

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    1. re: Han Lukito

      Where's the Tung Kee Noodle in Fremont? I've been to the one in Newark on Cedar and was very disappointed. Didn't live up to the other stores. I ordered chow fun and I actually saw the chef take cooked rice noodles, pour soy sauce on top, then microwave it. It looks like they added the stir fry ingredients on top of the microwaved noodles. :(

      1. re: Yvonne

        the one i usually go is in the LION market complex near Dixon Landing. it is probably in the border of fremont and milpitas. the noodle soup is good i think. the chow fun is not bad. there was one time out of the many that i detected a lesser quality. but most of the time they are excellent. all my friends enjoyed and kept coming back after i took them there.

        there is another tung kee/new tung kee deep inside a shopping complex between mowry and fremont blvd. it's right across michael store i think. i have never tried it.

      2. re: Han Lukito

        I know of the Abacus and the Filipino restaurant next to Abacus. I'm curious about the Chinese/Korean that you speak of on East 14th, can you find out the name or exactly where it is?

        1. re: Wendy Lai

          Here is the info:
          golden state deli
          16040 E 14th St San Leandro, CA (510) 481-2027

          try the korean menu but specifically the following in order of priority:
          -kan pong chicken
          -sweet sour beef
          -spicy tofu
          -hot sour soup is not bad

          i have not tried the others since i always try the same dishes. let me know.

          1. re: Han Lukito

            Thanks for the info. I will definitly go next week. I will report about it.

      3. s
        Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

        Worked in Bedrock there for 5 years, so I have plumbed some depths...

        Abacus is good, little pricy, not very spicy, but good execution & service at dinner--never had lunch there.

        Next door Manila Garden has the eggs over garlic rice I love and can't find elsewhere.

        Same side of Hesperian, a couple blocks north, London fish & chips has that good greasy fried fish that keeps 'em coming back. Large selection, and occasional Cantonese specials.

        Little taqueria by the Black Angus has great plates and a la cartes. Love the shrimp cocktail. Try the fresh-squoze carrot juice. Taqueria Aguila?

        Hidden Wok in Pelton Center, not an extensive menu, but some unusual preparation of standards.

        At Dutton and Bancroft are two or three good places, can't remember names, but good quality food. Continental/California, good Italian place a block south of Dutton.

        Shoot up to Castro Valley and catch the buffet at Genghis Khan, at Redwood Road and Castro Valley Boulevard. Just had some of the best sauteed eggplant there in memory (although mine is fading). Lots of good fish there, steamed, fried, whole. Surprising fresh sushi, good if not very exotic.

        2CHG tried for years to find good pho (any pho!) in Hayward, without success. If you score, let the world know.

        Oh yeah, if you're in a Bar-b-Q state of mind, Carmen's on A west of 880, and Everett & Jones on A east of 880. Both with a common origin, but divergent styles in sauce and meat treatment. Try 'em both!

        Good bento place @ Main and A St in downtown Hayward.

        Korean buffet on Davis, about 2 blocks east of 880. Only ate there once meself, never got around to returning, but my Korean- and Chinese-American friends mostly rave about it. That's kinda third-hand, isn't it.

        Happy lunching!

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        1. re: Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

          thanks 2CHG for the posts - i will try some of those places that i have not been to.

          1. re: Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

            There is a pho place in San Leandro. I think it's pretty decent, especially since I can't find any other one. I don't know its name or address (will find out and repost) but it's on Hesperian across the street from the carwash place. I know that's not very helpful. Next time I go I will take notes.

            1. re: Wendy Lai

              i ate there several times. in fact i just ate there a couple of days ago. i was not too happy with the pho there - the broth is not as good as some of the good pho places.

              i tried the red pho which consist of crab paste and i think bits of crabs plus tomato. it's ok.

              one of the good dish was their squab for only $2.50 i think which is quite good. a bit salty but crispy and tasty. their rice dishes are ok too.

              i go there because there are no other ones closeby.

              1. re: Han Lukito

                the red pho you had is a dish call "bun rieu". it's a dish that comes from the northern region of vietnam, like pho, but is considered a "poor's man" dish because the paste is made from leftover shrimp and crab too small to use in other dishes. it's one of my favorite type of noodle soup but i avoid getting in restaurant because the paste usually has too much egg in it and the broth too tomato-y.

                1. re: hao

                  thanks, hao. please share the good places around here if you have time, thanks.

              2. re: Wendy Lai

                I see Wendy has now learned what I learned when I started posting on chowhound -- a chowhound never goes out without a notebook!

                1. re: Ruth Lafler
                  Melanie Wong

                  Ruth, there's always the back of a napkin!

                  You reminded me of an email I rec'd from a distant chowhound who imagined that he would recognize me in a restaurant as the Chinese woman speaking sotto voce into the tape recorder hidden in my purse.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I remember the first time I tried out a Melanie Recommendation (Vi's). My friend and I ordered with Melanie's email in hand and then spent the rest of the lunch slurping duck soup and checking out all the Chinese women trying to decide if Melanie was there.

                    1. re: JenniferFishWilson
                      Shepherd B. Goode

                      Inspired by this board, I tried taking notes last night at Aromas in Alameda. But I quickly spilled wine on my notepad. Then the crab cakes and the honey prawns arrived, and research was abandoned...

                      1. re: Shepherd B. Goode
                        Melanie Wong

                        If you don't have wine on your notepad, then you're not really enjoying yourself! That's the most important part. You should see my wine notebook - purple, purple, purple... (G)

                      2. re: JenniferFishWilson

                        So what did you think of Aromas?

                        It's only a couple of blocks from my house, and I want to like it (as I've frequently bemoaned the lack of nice waterfront dining in Alameda), but I've only had a rather unimpressive brunch there.

                        I'm willing to give it another chance. Is dinner better? Are there things to order/avoid?

                        1. re: Ruth Lafler

                          Is the Aromas the one on the estuary under the Park Street Bridge?

                          1. re: Jenniferfishwilson

                            Yes, that's the one. I mistakenly posted that reply to your message instead of Shepherd's.

                            Didn't you live in Alameda? Do you have any comments on Aromas?

                            1. re: Ruth Lafler

                              Ate there a few years. It was mediocre at best. The best thing I can say about it is they had some pretty orchid plants.

                              1. re: JenniferFishWilson

                                Pretty much my take on it as well. Too bad, as it's potentially a stunning restaurant and location.

                                1. re: Ruth Lafler
                                  Shepherd B. Goode

                                  Actually, I think it's Aroma.

                                  Ate there last Saturday (9/1/01). Company of good friends helped, but still.
                                  OK, good cocktails. As nice a dry Manhattan as I've ever had, the bourbon and vermouth married but distinct. They split an entree to give us a non-menu appetizer, honey-glazed prawns with tempura vegetables. The prawns large and succulent, the glaze creamy and not overbearing, the veg a little underdone for me but some folks like that. There was a salad, pretty undistinguished, more of a time killer than anything else.
                                  My entree, a large portion of salmon filet in a hot sake broth. The salmon arrived underdone, and cooked in the broth as I removed each bite, so it all came out just right. The salmon seemed seasoned mainly by the broth, which I really savored, lightly salty, while the sake gave it a citrus quality. I slurped every last drop, and wanted more. The fish came surrounded by potato chunks, tomato (cherry or pomodoro halves, maybe), and pitted black olives, all in the broth, kind of a Nicoise feeling there. For dessert, creme brulee, and I never met a creme brulee I wouldn't take home to Mama.
                                  My companions had a grilled polenta with a mushroom marinara sauce; a seafood linguini in a tomato-basil sauce; and a sausage and prawns linguini in what looked like alfredo sauce. They all declared themselves well pleased; being heavily involved with my broth, I didn't taste.
                                  Whadidit cost, whadidit cost?? A round of drinks, two appetizers, four entrees, one glass and one bottle of wine, four desserts, two coffees, $144. That's my breakdown, and I'm sticking to it.
                                  We arrived late, and finished well after closing time, but were never rushed in any way. The owner came out during the meal to see how things were, and to chat a little. I think he grows the orchids on display.
                                  Would I go back? Sure. Not every week, and probably not for lunch, but yeah, I'll go back to Aroma.

                                  Located on Park Street, Alameda, west side of street, by the drawbridge.

                                  1. re: Shepherd B. Goode

                                    I'm glad to hear you had a good meal! Alameda needs good restaurants. Ok, Ruth, it's your turn to try it. I'm not schlepping through the tunnel and over the bridge to Grandmother's House until I get the high sign from 2 Chowhounders.

                                    1. re: jenniferfishwilson

                                      I'll put it on my list, but I'm still working on taco trucks, and I promised myself the next restaurant I'd try in Alameda would be Larry and Della's (a Cajun/Creole place over by Chevy's).

                      3. re: Melanie Wong

                        Taking notes on the back of a napkin is problematic at taco trucks. Fortunately I have a couple of 4 inch square note pads I rescued from the office (they were tossing old promotional items -- wish I had more of them) I can keep in my purse. I've gotten more diligent about where I stash my pen, too, so I can find it quickly.

                      4. re: Ruth Lafler
                        Rochelle McCune

                        I have a digital camera. Whenever I have it with me at meal times (which is frequently), I take photos. I always ask permission first and I've never been refused. Sometimes other guests look at me funny but who cares what they think? Not me.

                        I have photos from dinners at high end places like Gary Danko, Charlie Trotter's and "regular" places as well. I love being able to look back at meals I've had - it triggers my taste memory of the food more than just notes.

                    2. re: Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

                      could you tell me more exactly the korean buffet. thanks

                      1. re: Han Lukito
                        Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

                        Coming west on Davis St from downtown, cross San Leandro St, past Wendy's, cross the railroad tracks, past the little small Chinese place I've never tried, past the 7-11, gas station, next on your right is a little mall with a liquor store, Bit of Ireland Bakery, and on the corner, the Korean buffet. Last intersection, I think, before 880.

                        Oh, you mean the FOOD? Don't remember. My taste in Korean food is very middle of the road, Sorabol type of stuff. This place was way to the left of that. Most diners were Korean, the time I was there. If you try it and like it, let us know.

                    3. these are some of my favorite places for lunch while i was working in fremont

                      Kohinoor Pakistani & Indian, 43691 Mission Blvd, Fremont (across from ohlone college). they have a small lunch buffet consisting of two meat dishes and two vegatable dishes plus dahl(sp?) and the usual accompaniments. the best dahl, lamb curry, and keed(?rice pudding dessert) that i've eaten in any indian restaurant.

                      Yuki, 43486 Ellsworth st., Fremont, 510.656.4255 (also across from ohlone college) - a very small restaurant so if you get there at peak lunch time, expect to wait. they have really fresh sushi and are not stingy with it either. i recommend calling to make sure that they haven't change location.

                      Vung Tau II, 1750 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas - it's right on the border of milpitas and fremont at dixon landing. for the summer, i like their rice noodles with grill shrimp. for the winter, it's porridge with duck salad.

                      Tam, 1720 N Milpitas Blvd Milpitas, in the same complex as Vung Tau. try their spicy beef noodle soup (bun bo hue). a warning: this is a hit and miss dish for them. when it's a miss, the broth is too salty or at the other extreme, too bland. but when it's a hit, it's hot and spicy with a strong aroma of lemongrass. also worth having is their vegetarian curry and tofu saute with fresh basil.

                      Salang Pass (afghan), 37462 Fremont Blvd, Fremont - the meat dishes here are pretty good but i love their vegetarian dishes.

                      writing about all these places make me wish i was working in the east bay again!

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                      1. re: hao
                        Melanie Wong

                        It's great to have more posts for this corner of the Bay Area. One time my sister and I got lost driving through the Niles/Fremont area. Seemed like we passed at least 5 Afghan restaurants - unfortunately it was rather late at night, so we didn't stop.

                        P.S. Hao, thanks for volunteering to help with the picnic!

                      2. Hi Wendy,

                        I grew up in San Leandro and recently moved back to the East Bay. My family often gets take-out or does family banquets at Ocean Harbor at 560 MacArthur next to the Jerry's Burger stand, right off of 580. While the restaurant isn't fancy, the food is very good.

                        There is an upscale restaurant called Paradiso near the corner of Dutton and Bancroft, but I've had mixed experiences here. Some meals have been good, but one in particular was horrid. (Unfortunately, the horrid meal was one I hosted for 100 of my mother's friends for her surprise birthday party.)

                        In the Fremont area, for a nice meal I'll stop at Papillon on Mission Blvd. in the Niles area or Pearl's Cafe off of the Washington exit in the Irvington area. (I think it's on Bay Street near the intersection of Washington & Fremont streets.)

                        Decent sushi can be had at Ichiban on Foothill Blvd at C Street in Hayward, and great burgers are served up at Val's at 2115 Kelly Street at the intersection of B Street.

                        Happy hunting.