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Aug 29, 2001 05:16 PM

Sausalito "Hamburgers" - at long last!

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So, I pulled a "locals" today, and called to place and order for a couple of burgers plus an order of fries at "Hamburgers", which got some play (and love) on this board earlier.

We arrived to a line OUT THE DOOR... all people WAITING to place their orders! We walked in, grabbed our bag, and brought them back to the office.

The meat was stellar -- juicy, not dry, not overseasoned. Perfect for a true carnivore. The fixings were dead on - some relish, red onion, tomato, lettuce and some kind of tasty mustard plus a bit of mayo.

The bun, however, was a disappointment. It was dry, powdery, unsubstantial. Since the patties are so thick (but smaller in diameter), there was too much bun.

In the future, I may have to forego the bun... but the meat will keep me coming back!

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  1. I've looked and looked but see nothing about the hamburgers at Mike's at the yard in Petaluma. The very best, no fries but who cares.

    1. Hey Fatemeh, very helpful first mouth report. Calling ahead sure sounds like the way to go if you can.