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Aug 29, 2001 01:20 PM

Tommy's in Williams

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Driving back to the Bay Area Sunday night, we pulled over in Williams for gas and food.

We found Tommy's on the corner of 5th and E, just off the main Williams exit from the 505, on a previous trip and they were still open at 8:45. I'm not sure if it was food nostalgia, my hunger, or the joy of eating a juicy burger outside on a hot night that made me so happy to have found a place like this across the street from Burger King.

Burgers prepared exactly to my taste, sort of crispy at the edges with a lightly grilled bun, onions, pickles, mustard and mayo, and cheese if you like. The onion rings and fries are just so-so, but the shakes and root beer floats are delicious.

My only word of caution-watch out for mosquitoes at night. My ankles are covered in bites, but I'm happy to report they left my burger alone!

Hours: 11-9 Friday and Sunday; 11-8 every other night.

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  1. Where is Williams? Also, put "the" in front in front of a freeway number ("the 505") and you're forever branded as a SoCal'er..

    1. Located up the I-5 in Colusa County in lower Sacto Valley.Winters Cut-off(505) off the I-80 from SF bay area.Granzella's is a fab Italian Deli w/ local ag products and a local bar w/ 10' polar bear.This town has (had)? a place famous for its garlic bread.

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        and don't forget the olive tasting at Granzella's ... if you're on a budget you can graze on the olive samples.