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Feb 23, 2005 12:37 PM

Best Sushi in DC!

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In town for a convention, staying at 5th & Penn. Any great sushi recommendations in these parts? Thanks!

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  1. My two favorite places are just a short Metro/cab rude away. Kaz Sushi Bistro in Foggy Bottom (across from World Bank) and Sakana On P St. in Dupont Circle. Both fantastic.

    1. Chopsticks in Georgetown - intersection of Wisconsine and M Street - definately the best in town!

      1. Sakana is amazing! Best sushi in DC!
        Try the Tempura sushi roll!

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        1. re: MK

          I 2nd that. I literally make up in the middle of the night craving their Sakana tempura roll. It's my obsession at the moment!

        2. Even better than the time you're at Pizza House, you have to get a chipati. I went to school at U of M, and chipatis are tops on my list of what I miss about that town. They basically stuff lettuce, veggies, and cheese into a big, warm, thick pita and serve it with a spicy, creamy dressing. I've never found these anywhere else.

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            ooops...meant for this to be under the chicago style pizza discussion.

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              I went to the U of M, as well...

              It was a salad in a pita, man. Perhaps the most overhyped local food ever. You can order the dressing online. The rest really isn't that tough to reproduce.

              Pizza-wise, once NYPD opened, nothing else was worth bothering with.

            2. Definitely Kaz Sushi.