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Best Sushi in DC!

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In town for a convention, staying at 5th & Penn. Any great sushi recommendations in these parts? Thanks!

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  1. My two favorite places are just a short Metro/cab rude away. Kaz Sushi Bistro in Foggy Bottom (across from World Bank) and Sakana On P St. in Dupont Circle. Both fantastic.

    1. Chopsticks in Georgetown - intersection of Wisconsine and M Street - definately the best in town!

      1. Sakana is amazing! Best sushi in DC!
        Try the Tempura sushi roll!

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          I 2nd that. I literally make up in the middle of the night craving their Sakana tempura roll. It's my obsession at the moment!

        2. Even better than the pizza...next time you're at Pizza House, you have to get a chipati. I went to school at U of M, and chipatis are tops on my list of what I miss about that town. They basically stuff lettuce, veggies, and cheese into a big, warm, thick pita and serve it with a spicy, creamy dressing. I've never found these anywhere else.

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            ooops...meant for this to be under the chicago style pizza discussion.

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              I went to the U of M, as well...

              It was a salad in a pita, man. Perhaps the most overhyped local food ever. You can order the dressing online. The rest really isn't that tough to reproduce.

              Pizza-wise, once NYPD opened, nothing else was worth bothering with.

            2. Definitely Kaz Sushi.

              1. Sushi Taro on 17th Street at P Street. Easily the best sushi in the city. While Sushi Taro does not have some of the nuevo stylings of Kaz or Sushi-Ko, its fish is consistently the freshest and most mouth watering around. You won't go wrong at any of those three restaurants, actually, but Sushi Taro's rainbow roll (made with spicy tuna inside) is the best rainbow roll I've had, and I have yet to be disappointed by them.

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                  I second that. Having been to Tako Grill, Matsuba, Sakana, Japone, Thai Chef, Kaz, Uni, Tono Sushi, Sushi Ko, etc.... basically anywhere anyone has ever told me that I just had to try... I keep going back to Sushi Taro. It is, IMO, the best place in DC, by far.

                  I also think that the cheapo place right above Makoto (name?) is splendid, FYI. If you happen to be in the Palisades.

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                    Not sure if this is the best sushi in D.C., but it certainly is on par with best sushi that I've had in San Francisco and L.A.. I ordered the Omasake and the fish was wonderfully fresh and tasty. Never had "ice fish" before, but it was delicious. Sushi lovers should check this place out! Hello and thank you to my sushi bar acquaintance, Shira, for all her suggestions for other chowhound delights in D.C.! If you're out there, please post!!

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                      Sushi Taro is my favorite.. though I admit I haven't been to Kaz or Sushi-Ko. I have, though, eaten at some of the better spots in LA and Hong Kong and it more than compares favorably.

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                      roberto donna

                      For sushi done with love and experience nobody better tehn Kaz.

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                        I also like Kaz's. We had a meeting of wine friends there and the sushi was just the thing with all the Champagne.

                      2. All the recommendations above are good, except none of them are anywhere close to where you are staying, especially if you were hoping for walking distance. Out of all of them, I'd stick with Sushi Taro (3 blocks from Dupont Circle Metro). This place does sushi right, and doesn't tried to glamorize it like Kaz. The last time I dined at Kaz, it reminded me of french food. Still hungry afterwards.


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                          I would recommend Taro as well but am afraid that unless the OP was attending a ludicrously long convention they will have to wait until the next time they are in town. In the meantime more for you and me.

                        2. for sashimi kaz is great, but the small dishes at sushi-ko are unbeatable

                          1. Keep in mind the huge price difference between lunch and dinner at Sushi taro. Definitely my fave lunch spot.