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Feb 22, 2005 07:18 PM

Tony's Pizza Fair Lakes - Best I have had in NoVA

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I'm banished out to Fair Lakes for the time being and I ate over at Tony's for lunch today. I have had Tony's before, and loved it, but I don't think I really appreciated it having come back from living a couple blocks from Bronx Pizza in San Diego (which might be my absolute favorite place in the world for new-york style outside of nyc...they key, they say at Bronx, is using pure bottled water for the dough). Now that I am further removed from my unlikely Southern California pizza heaven, my rediscovery of Tony's was a real treat. Proper amount of cheese and sauce, and superb crust.

They have some sicilian pies, ziti pies, all the gimmicks, haven't tried those and probably never will...but the tomato/basil slices I had for lunch were extraordinary. Stick to the basics.

Having been on somewhat of a pizza binge recently...I have eaten Italian Store, Lost Dog, and Z pizza all within the last few days...and none of them come close to Tony's in my book. Maybe I caught tony on a good day, maybe I was just in the right mood...who knows...but it was seriously great.

As we all know, people have so many prejudices about what makes a "good" pizza that it is impossible to find one that pleases everyone...but if you are a fan of ny style pizza, and are in range of Fair Lakes at lunch time, you should at least give this place a try.

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  1. I agree.

    Top three pizza places in DC Area:

    Tony's (above)
    The place on MacArthur next to Black Salt (Can never remember their name) - Huge Slices.
    Mamma Lucia - However their recent expansion has caused them to become inconsistent, Bethesda and Rockville Pike are your best bets (Fallsgrove is not up to the standards of the others).

    1. I need to try Tony's, and I'm glad you allow for differences in tastes. I'd be curious to hear what you think about the Quattro at Pomodorro.

      1. Top 5, but not best in NOVA, IMO. I have been to Tony's several times and have felt that it is good but not as good as Pomodoro or Buon Appetito. Both are in the same vicinity. Pomodoro is at Fairfax Town Center with the Baja Fresh, Moby Dick, Tower Records etc... and Buon Appetitio is further out Rte 50 in Chantilly.

        Mmmmm pizza...

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        1. re: Jeff C

          Thanks for the tips, I do need to make it out to Buon Appetito. For whatever reason I didn't have pizza the one time I was over at Pommodoro, it is hard for me to convince co-workers to go there because apparently it is difficult to get a table. I will make sure to try that out as well.

        2. I don't really get the infatuation with Tony's pizza. I've tried it several times but to me it just doesn't compare to Pomodoro. As far as fries and subs go, I do like Tony's much better than Pomodoro.

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          1. re: acslater

            To each their own I guess...I don't understand the infatuation with Pomodoro's pizza at all. I only tried it once (since my post from about a year ago) and was not at all impressed. I did have a pasta dish there once that was good. Generally I find it a hassle to eat there during lunch hour, and Tony's is across the street, so I don't find my way over there.

            Maybe it's all about selection. The margherita (tomato/basil) pizza at Tony's is outstanding by the slice. That's just about all I order from them. I prefer getting it by the slice to getting whole pies...I like the extra crisp the reheating puts on the crust. Some of the pies at Tony's are definitely questionable, especially anything thick. Frome what I have seen, they can also go a little overboard with the toppings at times, particularly mushrooms, but generally use the right amount of cheese and sauce which is key.

            The only other pizza in this area I really like is from Angelico in Fairfax, even though it isn't really NY style at all, their sauce and crust work very well with sausage, red onion, and green peppers, which is another of my favorite topping combos.

            1. re: Lowbar

              I like Angelico's pizza as well. I don't get there very often as it's not close to my house but when I do eat there it is always very good.

          2. I'd vote for Tony's over Buon Appetito, but the latter is not bad at all. I've had Pomodoro once, a while back, and I seem to recall liking their pizza.

            What do people think about Ciro's in Centreville? They are opening a new location in Stone Ridge (just west of South Riding on Rte 50) in lovely Loudoun County.

            Another one we like is San Vito, in Franklin Farm as well as Ashburn and Springfield, and coming soon to South Riding.

            Hmm, when you add them all up, we have some pretty good pizza here in NOVA!