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Feb 22, 2005 09:49 AM


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Can someone tell me where to get decently priced raw and fried oysters in N. VA? Just got back from New Orleans, and now I'm spoiled!

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    1. Note that some people in Maryland recently became ill with norovirus after eating raw oysters from Texas. Search "oysters" on Google news for more info. I could live off raw oysters, but I think I'm going to avoid them for a few weeks.

      1. Eating raw local oysters, or oysters in general is not recommended for those who are older or who have issues with their immune system. Shouldn't be a problem for others if eaten in moderation. Also, cooked/fried oysters shouldn't be a problem. Local oysters though are out of season, with the season being months ending in the letter "r."

        Most of the good oyster joints in this area are in DC, such as the Old Ebbitt Grille. You can get oysters at Legal Seafood though, with locations at Washington National Airport and Tyson's Galleria.

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          It's not "months ending in r", it's "months with r in the name". March is indeed in oyster season, as are all the months except May, June, July, and August.

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            In this area, Chesapeake Bay oysters are generally harvested during September, October, November, and December. If you're near the bay, you see the oyster trawlers during this time.

            Crab pots are put into the Bay from late winter up until mid summer. Can't trawl for oysters in March if there are pots everywhere.

        2. You couldn't pay me to eat warm water oysters!

          1. Hon's right. You don't want to eat oysters when they "r" not in season. They won't hurt you, they just don't taste good, especially at DC prices! They spawn during that time and have a watery, milky flavor. Save your money and eat local crabs.
            Crabbing starts in late Spring in the Chesapeake (varies for VA & MD) and goes into the Fall. Outside of that time, the crabs are brought up from the Carolinas or Gulf; unfortunately, all too frequently now, they bring them up even in season.

            Sadly, this year the Bay oyster harvest will be an historic low. So stop fertilizing your lawn - every little bit helps. Hon and I need our Chincoteagues!!!!