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Aug 28, 2001 05:47 PM

where to buy sushi-grade fish

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Besides Farmer's markets (which I usually can't make it to), where can I buy sushi-grade fish? I'm interested in making sushi at home. Would Swan Oyster Depot?

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    Brandon Nelson

    Hi Wendy!

    Berkeley Bowl has a whole section of their seafood counter devoted to sashimi grade fish.


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    1. re: Brandon Nelson

      bryan's in laurel village has beautiful, fresh fish that comes in from the boats every morning around 8:30 or 9:00. aside from getting live fish in chinatown or going to the docks, it's the freshest i've found.

      1. re: Rochelle

        Below--far below, I remember, I posted a list of the Bay Area's Japanese supermarkets.

    2. While at Ranch 99 mkt Sunday, I saw some prime ahi sushi/sashimi blocks...expensive, but looked very good. While I was in Richmond, I would guess the SF/Skyline mkt has it also. You might call first, but good luck with English.

      1. Yum Yum Fish On Irving near 23rd has great
        Sashimi-grade fish and does yummy to-go prepared sushi as well.

        1. I second the Berkeley Bowl suggestion.

          I am now living in South City, anyone know any in my new location?

          1. Nikko fish 669 Illinois, SF.
            (off 3rd & 16th streets)

            This is the purveyor that most of the best sushi places use. Including the best sushi bar in SF.

            In particular, they always have perfect hamachi.