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where to buy sushi-grade fish

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Besides Farmer's markets (which I usually can't make it to), where can I buy sushi-grade fish? I'm interested in making sushi at home. Would Swan Oyster Depot?

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    Brandon Nelson

    Hi Wendy!

    Berkeley Bowl has a whole section of their seafood counter devoted to sashimi grade fish.


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      bryan's in laurel village has beautiful, fresh fish that comes in from the boats every morning around 8:30 or 9:00. aside from getting live fish in chinatown or going to the docks, it's the freshest i've found.

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        Below--far below, I remember, I posted a list of the Bay Area's Japanese supermarkets.

    2. While at Ranch 99 mkt Sunday, I saw some prime ahi sushi/sashimi blocks...expensive, but looked very good. While I was in Richmond, I would guess the SF/Skyline mkt has it also. You might call first, but good luck with English.

      1. Yum Yum Fish On Irving near 23rd has great
        Sashimi-grade fish and does yummy to-go prepared sushi as well.

        1. I second the Berkeley Bowl suggestion.

          I am now living in South City, anyone know any in my new location?

          1. Nikko fish 669 Illinois, SF.
            (off 3rd & 16th streets)

            This is the purveyor that most of the best sushi places use. Including the best sushi bar in SF.

            In particular, they always have perfect hamachi.


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              Rochelle McCune

              Nikko is totally an insider place mostly because its out of the way, their hours are short, plus its easy to drive past and not notice it. (I think they close at 5 or 6 pm). But their fish is the highest quality and good prices. If you can get over there it is really, really worth it.