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Aug 28, 2001 10:05 AM

cooking in mud

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I am working on various Village Development Projects in Thailand [Tak province].
For a fundraising purpose we would like to prepare food cooked in mud.

Is there anybody who could provide some tips-hints
- as we have no experiences in this field.

Thanks in advance.
best regards




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  1. There is a Chinese way of cooking chicken that involves mud...Beggar's Chicken. The bird is marinated ( soy, rice wine, sesame oil, S&P) and stuffed with savory ingredients (shredded mushrooms, pork, preserved vegetables & bamboo shoots) then wrapped in thinly sliced suet/fat. Finally, the whole bird is wrapped in lotus leaves that have been soaked to soften. Clay/Mud is then molded around the chicken....cook in coals. The lotus leaves add a very nice nuance to the chicken.

    1. Raimund, I'm not sure if your question is how to cook in mud or how to sell food cooked in mud. In case you're interested in market information, I've emailed you a newsletter for an organization to serves the specialty food market in the US.