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cooking in mud

Raimund Homberg Aug 28, 2001 10:05 AM

I am working on various Village Development Projects in Thailand [Tak province].
For a fundraising purpose we would like to prepare food cooked in mud.

Is there anybody who could provide some tips-hints
- as we have no experiences in this field.

Thanks in advance.
best regards


Link: http://oelgroup.com

Image: http://www.oelgroup.com

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  1. g
    gordon wing RE: Raimund Homberg Aug 28, 2001 05:05 PM

    There is a Chinese way of cooking chicken that involves mud...Beggar's Chicken. The bird is marinated ( soy, rice wine, sesame oil, S&P) and stuffed with savory ingredients (shredded mushrooms, pork, preserved vegetables & bamboo shoots) then wrapped in thinly sliced suet/fat. Finally, the whole bird is wrapped in lotus leaves that have been soaked to soften. Clay/Mud is then molded around the chicken....cook in coals. The lotus leaves add a very nice nuance to the chicken.

    1. m
      Melanie Wong RE: Raimund Homberg Aug 29, 2001 02:28 PM

      Raimund, I'm not sure if your question is how to cook in mud or how to sell food cooked in mud. In case you're interested in market information, I've emailed you a newsletter for an organization to serves the specialty food market in the US.

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