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Aug 28, 2001 02:32 AM

Ruen Pair follow-up

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Last month Rachel mentioned that she had tried Ruen Pair -- a new Thai place in Albany. She said the dishes she tried were very spicy and authentic.

It got reviewed in the East Bay Dine column of the Gaurdian this week, and the critic there had similar comments.

Anyone else tried it? Worth a trip out to Albany?

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  1. We did order in from Ruen Pair on a later occasion, and had some disappointments. The wild boar curry seemed short on the meat and high on ho hum stir fried veggies. My mother's order of stir-fried veggies was even more ho hum -- lacking even the occasional wild boar to enliven it. The apps were promising but, since fried, compromised by the take-out process. The grilled beef, I thought, had wonderful flavor. Please mark: there were problems with our ordering: we specified that dishes should be mild because I'm breastfeeding; and take-out doesn't show a restaurant at its best. I would definitely try Ruen Pair again.