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Aug 28, 2001 01:12 AM

Taiwanese restaurant (report) - any similar places ?

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i used to frequent this one little taiwanese restaurant in which they had NO english menu and I know NO chinese. this is as authentic as it gets. i had to bring the menu to my dad and have him translate the good dishes that i like. it's called "taste good" at abel street in milpitas near fremont. it's ALL you can eat for $6.00 at the time. You can sample the different dishes as many as you like as long as you finish them.

the dishes that i like were (don't know the chinese names)
-rice with some pork bits and eggs(simmerred in brown sauce), very tasty
-taiwanese street noodle, also very tasty
-fish cakes with sweet and sour sauce
-beef tongue (simmered)
-stinky tofu
-beef/fish ball soup
-there was a dumpling like dish with meat and vegetable meats inside, quite good.
-there are lots of other dishes with internal organs that i don't really care for.

the place has no atmosphere at all. some may not even enjoy the smell of the spices permeating in the air a little.

if anyone know similar places let me know.

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  1. They are usually clustered around Asian supermarkets such as Ranch 99 and Lion. You may already know about Milpitas Square (I-880 at Hwy 237). Others include:

    * Dixon Landing Rd at N. Milpitas Blvd (Fremont)
    * Warm Springs at Mission Blvd (Fremont)
    * Brokaw Rd around Lundy (San Jose)

    Most of the restaurants here are authentic and are "atmosphere-less". You can pretty much be adventurous and pick one that's crowded at lunchtime. One of my favorites is located in the Ranch 99 shopping center on Brokaw nr. Lundy. The flavor of their beef noodle soup is the closest to those found in Taiwan, IMHO. I forget the English name but in Chinese it's "ban4 mu3 yuan1". Also in the center is a great frozen yogurt place with several fruit flavors, and they're tart - just the way I like it (unlike those chain frozen yogurt places).