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Aug 27, 2001 06:32 PM

NOW Where'm I Gonna get my Corned Beef Hash Fix?

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I was horrified to hear that Doidges in Cow Hollow has closed and am panicked to find a place where I can get as good a corned beef hash as theirs. It was excellent; not too greasy and mixed with mushrooms, fine consistency and topped with your choice of cheese and a perfectly poached egg. Came with either your choice of toast and homefries or sliced tomatoes or cottage cheese. I've ordered the same thing there for more than a decade. Boo Hoo :)

Would like to find a decent surrogate. Don't really care for the corned beef hash that is chunky and shredded (I can do that myself at home).

Anybody out there?


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  1. Here's a link to a thread listing a few other choices. Don't know if those are the style you're looking for.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      Judy Leibovitch

      Thanks Melanie!

      1. re: Judy Leibovitch
        Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

        If you're ever in the neighborhood, the Black Bear Restaurant in Salinas has home-made corned beef hash that I like. Big shreds of brisket, well-cooked potato chunks, onions & bell peppers--top with a poached egg and you're all right.
        I'd stop at the Black Bear whenever I'm in Salinas, except that one exit up 101 is the best El Pollo Loco I've ever been to. Guess I could eat at the bear, and get the chicken to go....

    2. My vote for best corn beef hash is Kate's on Haight street around Filmore. It has big chunks of corned beef and equally big chunks of root vegetables and potatoes (and onions I think). It sounds a little wierd but I really like it, but rarely get it because they serve such huge portions.

      It is the anti-Dinty Moore....

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      1. re: Tia
        Judy Leibovitch

        Anti-Dinty Moore works for me, only I generally prefer the finer grade hash. Maybe it is a throwback to being raised on the canned variety. Kate's sounds like a good alternative breakfast shot, however.

        Thanks, Judy

        1. re: Tia
          Rochelle McCune

          I agree that Kate's pancakes and hush puppies are good. I know there have been some positive reviews of Kate's on this board of their corned beef hash and biscuits & gravy but I just have to say I totally disagree.

          Corned Beef Hash - Kate's dish is big chunks which is not the definition of hash (a dish of finely chopped meat, etc.). For me, a hash has have small pieces so that I can get some of everything in each bite, allowing for a proper blend of flavors. At Kate's, you get corned beef with vegetables warmed in a skillet.

          Biscuits & Gravy - While I'm from the South and I prefer the dish of my youth, I still appreciate well executed innovation. So when I first ordered Kate's herbed biscuits with vegetarian gravy, I was looking forward to something new. Ick! The gravy was thin and tasteless. The only benefit to the gravy was that it moistened the biscuits which were big, heavy lumps. Plus they had an overwhelming herb flavor, like the person making them had no restraint or understanding of balance.

          I admit that this information is at least a year old, maybe they've improved. I live near Kate's but it is always on the bottom of our list of breakfast places. Although we love the fact that there is always a line - it means those people aren't in line where we're going!!

        2. Doidge's closed??! Does anyone know what happened? It's not like they were a recent flash in the pan --

          1. A moment of silence, please.

            This cannot be true.

            No more of those fruit-beslobbered pancakes?

            OK, the moment's up. Now don't go all artsy on me, but the Wife likes the corned beef hash at Mel's. Three locations, if you can stand the damned noise. And I'm also pissed at them for taking the sausage wrapped in pancakes AND the whole wheat pancakes off the menu.