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Feb 11, 2005 01:05 PM

Veal Cheeks

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A foodie friend is looking for a local supplier of veal cheeks (VA preferred, but I think she's willing to travel a bit). She went to Whole Foods, and the meat department person looked at her like she was crazy. Anyone have any suggestions for her? Mail-order would be OK too - I checked places like Lobels in NY and other online meat purveyors, but cheeks are not listed anywhere that I could see.

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  1. This is probably a bad answer, but you can try calling around to some of the local places that serve them and ask them to recommend a butcher...a few that I know of:

    Bistrot Lepic
    Petits Plats
    Colorado Kitchen

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    1. re: Lowbar

      Corduroy is also serving veal cheeks , I believe they are from Sunnyside Farm.

      1. re: mousse T

        If they are from Sunnyside, no wonder you said in your Corduroy post that they melt in your mouth. Their STEAKS melt in your mouth.

        They come to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market on Sundays, so the OP can try to get them there.

        1. re: bacchante

          I've had the veal cheeks at Corduroy and they were fantastic. Thanks for the heads-up on their supplier. I've bought meat from Sunnyside Farms but didn't know they had veal cheeks or that they were the supplier for Corduroy. I'll make sure and buy from them in the future.

    2. You might give the Springfield Butcher a call. They're down near the mixing bowl off of Franconia Blvd.

      (703) 451-3033

      1. FYI I know this is an old thread but I just special-ordered Veal Cheeks from the Butcher's Block in Alexandria........