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Aug 26, 2001 06:31 PM

Save the date! Chowhound Picnic, Oct. 6

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Today Chowhound's San Francisco Bay Area message board celebrates a new milestone with post #10,000.

We're celebrating our Bay Area Chowhound community on Oct. 6 with a potluck picnic in Golden Gate Park to meet the 'hounds behind the posts. Please save the date and watch this space for further announcements.

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  1. So where is post #10000 anyway? I found 9999 and this is a reply to 10001, but I can't find 10000.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Melanie mistyped. You guys aren't celebrating message #10,000, it's message 10001 (which is MUCH hipper and more symmetrical). And Melanie had the honor with that last posting. Hit it right on the button.


    2. Melanie didn't mention that this isn't just some's by far the most ambitious event ever organized under the aegis of this web site. It'll be kind of huge and amazing....the organizing committee (like twenty hounds, from what I've heard) is even coming up with commemorative t-shirts and stuff.

      I understand it's filling up fast, so if you're interested you should probably email Melanie to reserve ASAP.


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        Actually - we aren't taking RSVPs quite yet for the picnic. We are finalizing the invite/posting and hope to have that up later this week.

        The "official" picnic post will have instructions on how to RSVP, order tshirts and all the other details.

        We - as in the organizing committee - really only 6 of us with plenty of volunteer chowhound backup (and we'll need more so get ready to volunteer as well!) - just wanted to use that opportunity for the historic 10,001 post to put out a little preview.

        Keep tuned - we'll have those details out soon!

      2. Is there a formal process for indicating your intent to attend other than emailing Melanie Wong, whos email is not on the original posting?(well its on there its just not a complete address) I definitely want to come to this!

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        1. re: michelle

          Hi Michelle, thanks for your enthusiasm! There's no need to e-mail me. As Celery mentioned, we're putting the finishing touches on the plan and will have an announcement soon with how to make a reservation.