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Aug 26, 2001 01:53 PM

High End Sake in today's chron

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with all the talk of sushi lately i thought it most appropriate to read an article on high end sake in the bay area in this morning's chron.

at kabuto on our fish cheek night andrew and i had a lovely, smooth and delicious sake served in martini glasses. not your regular swill! it was delicate and soft in the mouth, perfect with our dinner.

the address is really long to get to the exact article, you will have to cut and paste to your browser, or go to the link below and use the keyword sake, the article's title is"learning to love sake-high end
brands blaze into town".



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  1. j

    Grasshopper (site of one of our recent Chowhound gatherings) was mentioned in article as one of the 7 Bay Area restaurants with "notable sake lists".

    1. Looking forward to reading this! We didn't get a chance to try many sakes at Grasshopper, just had a tasting of 3. Would be interesting to do a sake tasting....maybe that Tasting Club that's in the works?

      Last time I was in Tokyo Fish Market I thought of getting sakes but it was so overwhelming!

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          it was in the chronicle magazine, pg. 32

      1. Rochelle--not sure why you didn't paste the longer URL into the live URL field....but in any case, it's missing a digit.

        try link below, it should work


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          Also, click on the link below for a tutorial on adding links to your messages.


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            thanks, it seems like no matter how well intentioned i am i can never get it right!


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              In the grand priority list of human skills, the pasting of URL's into little boxes rates pretty low! So no need to abash.

              But feel free to email me if you have any questions about this (or any other site issues). Or post a query on our Site Talk board, and maybe a tech-savvy a hound can help out (that goes for all of you out there!).

              You're so close...don't give up now!