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Feb 7, 2005 02:23 PM

Restaurants near Hippodrome

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Are there any good restaurants within walking distance of the Hippodrome? Looking for a place to have an early dinner after 2pm show. 4 Ladies, 3 of which prefer something on the lighter side, nothing too rich or "exotic". I'm up for anything! Alas, I'm outnumbered.


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  1. There is Hipp Cafe right there that has sandwiches and salads - since there's very little in the immediate vicinity. Also, there's a very good white-tablecloth Indian place on the southeast corner of Lexington Market a couple of blocks north - probably too exotic. And a block or two to the east, in the Wyndham Hotel is Shula's - which has a casual sports themed restaurant on one side that has good standard menu items - I like the Cobb Salad. There's a sit-down Donna's in the lobby atrium of the University Hospital as well - they always have good soups and salads, etc.

    That neighborhood is crying out for restaurants.