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Aug 26, 2001 02:21 AM

Bargain Dim Sum

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I personally find that if you don't mind the crowd, the wrinkled and often stained tableclothes and lack of smiling polite wait staff, then go to KC (Kay Cheung) restaurant in Chinatown on Jackson Street. The dim sum is so reasonable. It was $1.50 a plate the last time I went there and a friend said she was there recently and it was $1.75 a plate. So it's gone up a quarter... it's still good food. On weekends, follow the 'stinky' smell of the 'cho tofu' (stinky tofu) served 5 doors down (Kearny and Jackson) and you will find a bustling crowd waiting either on the street or in the doorway for a table.

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  1. Hi Anita, thanks for the tip to KC. I think Jackson St. is just about the best food street in Chinatown.

    Are you originally from Taiwan? Here's a link to our recent discussion of stinky tofu at New Star (on Jackson) and other places.


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      Bargain dim sum reminds me of my dear coworker, Francis Jong. Francis and I had a deal--I'd pay for dim sum if he'd translate for me. Francis thought he had found the biggest sucker in the office and I was sure he was the cheapest translater around. But he wouldn't go to Jade Villa even though a coworker owned it and I was paying; we had to go to Tin's because it was a nickel cheaper per plate. I think of Frank every time I eat dim sum. I miss him.