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Jan 31, 2005 02:51 PM

pizza in Burke VA area

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I'm looking for somewhere to get GOOD pizza (more like real Italian pizza) within 15 miles of Burke, VA - that means some place other than Pizza Hut, Domino's, no "industrial pizza". Any suggestions?

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  1. Villa Bella on Burke Center Pkwy, near the Wal Mart

    Pomodorro in Fairfax Towne Center

    Pan Am Family Restaurant, Pan Am center, west of Fairfax Circle.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      For Pan Am, I was mistaken - east of the circle, then up Nutley from 50 (or down Nutley from 29), next to the Safeway.

      They have great sauce and real mozz.

      1. re: Dennis S

        I second Villa Bella.....nice wood burning oven pizza. Have not been there in awhile, but happened to stop by on opening day a few years ago while on sales calls.....I ordered a pizza and ended up getting it to go as they kept feeding me samples of every pizza they baked!

      2. Tony's Pizza in the Fair Lake's Shopping Center. I go there everytime I get out that way.

        There is also one with another name on 29 in Centerville. It used to be Tony's also, but is now run by another family member.

        1. I "third" Villa Bella. Also worth a try is Al's Place (the new place that took over the old Bob's Big Boy space in Springfield Plaza). There pizza is surprisingly decent.

          Unfortunately, I don't think the place will last. Bad location and nothing else worthwhile on the menu.

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          1. re: govtlawyer

            I've been to Al's Place three times; the service was poor and the food was mediocre. If I want a simple, reliable but not fancy meal, I go to Spartans in Burke (across from the post office) or the Four Seasons in Alexandria (S. Van Dorn).

            1. re: Lee

              Al's appears to be closed. Sadly, Four Seasons in Alexandria was torn down and replaced by a bank.

              I highly recommend Villa Bella (eating there tonight, in fact), as well as Spartan's. Both can get rather busy, although Spartan's is roomier and has uniformly outstanding service.

          2. Not sure how far they deliver, but Z Pizza certainly would be within you area. They are next to the Home Depot across from the Springfield Mall. Great pizza, as well as subs and salads. I think they were named best pizza by the Washingtonian.