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Aug 25, 2001 11:46 PM

Sawa Sushi in sunnyvale

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Is there just a sushi counter here or are there tables too? Also, is the decor and atmosphere very fancy or does it look like your average neighborhood sushi bar. Is some kind of dessert served at the end of the sushi progression? Also, is each dish/sushi individually priced or does he just ballpark your courses at a round figure of say $150, $200, $250. etc. (meaning does the bill come with an itemized list of the sushi, sashimi, and special dishes that were served by the chef) I'd really like to try this place the next time I make it to the SF area. Where is Sunnyvale exactly is it near San Jose? also, how big is the restaurant overall (are we talking maybe ten seats around). Can anyone compare it to Ginza Sushiko? Lastly, was it reviewed in the Sf chronicle/examiner or in any of the San Franciso or Sunnyvale newspapers? thanks.

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    Burke and Wells

    Sawa Sushi is indistiguishable from any old sushi bar. It's pleasant and clean, but the decor is unremarkable. There is no itemizing--you just get a total for food and another for beverages, if you have any. There isn't even a tax subtotal! At least, this is how he does it for us, perhaps a newcomer gets more traditional treatment.

    He has never been written up in any papers, and has thrown them out of his restaurant on occasion! He hates press, which is one reason I was so reluctant to talk about Sawa Sushi here on Chowhounds. The restaurant itself seats perhaps forty people, but he never lets it get that busy--he locks the door when there's too many for him to serve properly.

    I'd love you to try it to, but you do need to go in on the arm of a regular. Keep an eye out on this board, I'm putting together a party of folks who want to go. When I have enough and a day set, I'll post it here. If you know you'll be in the SF area sometime, email me and let me know your dates, I'll try to swing such a party in that window.

    I'm sorry I can't compare it to Tekka or any of the others, I haven't been to them (not yet, at least). I admit it's hard to eat sushi anywhere else, it feels like treason!

    Take care, good chowhounding!