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Aug 25, 2001 05:17 PM

Cajun Pacific

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Finally got to try Cajun Pacific for lunch yesterday. They are out on Irving between 46th and 47th - way out there (but only a block off the N Judah) and plenty of street parking.

Got there at 12:15 - and there were only 2 other people having lunch - which isn't a bad thing as they only have 5 or 6 small tables and a few counter seats.
Bet it's a rocking place on a Saturday night!

Had a bowl of crab and sausage gumbo ($3.95) which was very good. Deep dark broth (so they know what they are doing with their roux), lots of thyme and the cajun trinity (onions, green peppers and celery). The sausage was a nice andouille - good spice and there were a few crab pieces (in shell) as well.

Then I had the red beans and rice with andouille ($8.95) - this came with corn bread as well. Very good - again a nice spice level (the kind of spicy that just makes you want to keep eating, rather than too hot you can't eat more). The beans and rice were perfectly done and the andouille had been sliced and grilled first - MMM!

The corn bread was fresh out of the oven, but a little too much in the mix for me (corn, red peppers, cayenne - so instead of a nice mellow compliment to the spicy food, it just added to the spicy).

This was all way too much food for myself but I was really tempted to order more - would like to try the BBQ shrimp and they had an andouille po-boy that sounded good (with an optional egg).

Seems like a nice addition to the neighborhood and definately the best Cajun I've had in the Bay Area so far.

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  1. Key words: Bread Pudding

    BTW, if you sit at the bar counter and watch them cook, you'll notice that most sauces get a splash of beer.

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      Oh, man, that sounds so delicious! I'm always in the wrong place (Asti right now) when these posts pop up.

      Why are we all playing on our computers this afternoon when it's so beautiful outside? (g)

      1. re: Limster

        As I was waiting at the bus stop (carrying most of my red beans and rice order) I thought.... oh no, I forgot to test the desserts! Well, I'll just have to go back.

        They are at 4542 Irving, phone : 504-6652 (definately call ahead to check their hours, but the sign in their window said dinner Tuesday-Sunday, lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Good tunes too!

        ps - I have an excuse for being at my computer.... the rest of you should be out in the sunshine :)

      2. Is the gumbo real gumbo? I've never had gumbo made as thick and almost sticky as it's supposed to be, outside of Louisianna.

        If it's thick, real gumbo I'll be there soon!

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          The Gumbo wasn't real thick - no okra - maybe file powder. But the flavors were good - one of the reviews said "it's not Louisiana" but it was pretty darn good for the outer Sunset! The gumbo is listed on the menu as Gumbo of the day - so supposedly they do a different one each day. And they did offer a vegetarian one (but Limster said that wasn't very good) and what's Cajun food without a little pork or sausage or tasso?!