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Aug 25, 2001 02:37 PM

Oakland Taco Trucks

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I have some time this afternoon for chowhounding, so I thought I'd go out and survey Oakland taco trucks (the one I used to frequent is gone, and haven't found one I like as well).

If you have any suggestions, would you post them (with location!) and I'll check back later.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is a place in Oakland that has been strongly recommended by an acquaintance, who claims it was the best taco/burrito place in the East Bay. It is on East 14th Street (now known as International Boulevard), officially known by the ackward title "El Taco Zamorano Taqueria", right near the corner of High Street, next to a very good Mexican Supermarket.

    The neighborhood is a little iffy (I am not talking Mission-iffy, more like south Oakland-iffy), daytime might be better than dinner.

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    1. re: garcon

      Your acquaintance is right. Taco Zamarano truck in parking lot of the Mexican grocery store on High and East 14 was my favorite Oakland truck but last time I drove by it was gone and another truck had taken it's place. The Taco Z restaurant was still at the side of the parking lot and down the street but the truck was gone. I'm eagerly awaiting Ruth's analysis of the Oakland trucks.

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      Any interest in turning Taco Truck Tour into a Chowhound event?

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      1. re: JenniferFishWilson

        Having a chowhound taco truck tour sounds like fun!

        We could either each hit a different one and meet at one that has tables and compare notes, or we could do it like a progressive dinner.

        Before we pick a day, though, I'd want to take a drive by on a weeknight and see how many are there, since my first survey was on a Saturday night.

        Maybe we can convince some taco truck doubters to come with us (my Mom, on hearing of my current project, also expressed concerns about whether the trucks are hygienic -- as far as I can tell, they're as clean or cleaner than most restaurant kitchens).

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Suggestion....gather monthly to hit a couple. make it, like, the first saturday afternoon of every month. Work through 'em. I once had a "Great Roast Chickens of New York" group that met along those lines.

          In fact, if someone will bring a digital camera and take photos, we could rig you an ongoing photo diary/article to present the fruits of your research.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            I love it! Maybe we can have a sign up sheet at the picnic. Obvious next step is to have a taco truck cook off between Santa Rosa's trucks and Oakland's. Need a way to keep food hot and need a central location to meet--the San Rafael bridge?

            1. re: JenniferFishWilson

              It's quite likely that, if asked, a favorite taco truck would come to GG Park to serve picnic attendees.

              1. re: MarkB

                That was my original idea for my son's Bar Mitzvah reception but we had quite a language barrier when I was trying to explain kashrut to the taco truck owners. (Will pass your idea on to committee. Thx!)

                1. re: MarkB

                  Does this mean you're coming to the picnic?

                  Even better, would love to sample the favorite salsas that our chowhounds have concocted and see who makes the most flavorful carne asada cooked over mesquite.